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Repeat Signage digital signage software player commands

Repeat Server player commands

You can view your player computers attached to your account with the players page when you log into your account.  With Standard edition (and above) players, you can also send commands to the player.  Here is a list of currently available commands:

RESTART COMPUTER - Tells the player to restart.  This is only available if the player is online.


SHUTDOWN COMPUTER - Tell the player to completely shut down.  This is only available if the player is online.


VOLUME SET - Allows you to set the volume of the player computer to between  0 and 100 percent.


VOLUME MUTE - Mutes the target player.


SEND ALL LOGGING DATA - Logging information is continually sent by the player, but this is generally only for up to 7 days.  If your player has been offline (playing but without an Internet connection) for a long period of time, you may be missing logging information in your account.  This command tells the player to send all logging data again.  If the player is offline, then it will be sent as soon as the player comes back online again.


CLEAR MESSAGE QUEUE - This can be used if you send a command then change your mind.  Works best if you sent a command to an offline player as an online player will normally execute a command straight away.


CANCEL PLAYING MESSAGES - If you have sent a message to a player to be displayed on screen (for a set amount of time) then use can use this command to cancel it playing. player messaging system

Repeat Server player messaging system

You can send messages to screens to be displayed for a set amount of time.  These can be either full or part screen.