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Repeat Signage digital signage software signup - Account tab

You need to choose a name for your Repeat Server account.  For example, Repeat Software has an account called:


which then means that our home location on Repeat Server becomes:

If you click on the above link, you can see the files we have hosted on this account, which are used in a lot of our sample presentations.  Note - By default, we don't create a home page for your account.  Files and RSS feeds hosted on Repeat Server will start with the above address.  For example, we have created a text file call WaitingTime.txt and the full address of this is:

This file just holds the current waiting time for a hospital department which is currently '45 minutes'.  We can go online and change this by logging into Repeat Server from anywhere in the world.

You need to choose you account name carefully as this cannot be changed later.  Please also select your country and organisation's name.  If you don't belong to an organisation, then just put your full name in this box instead.

Click on the 'Next' button when you have finished.