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Adding your logo to the splash and main Repeat Signage screens

Your can add your logo to the Repeat Signage splash screen:

Adding resellers logo

and to the main screen in Repeat Signage:

Repeat Signage main screen with reseller logo

The way this works is that you install Repeat Signage as normal and then add the following 3 files:


Repeat Signage reseller banner


Reseller website url


To the settings folder (Windows 8.1/8, 7, Vista):


where the <WindowsUserName> equals the currently logged on folder.  You will have to allow the viewing of hidden files to see the AppData folder.

For Windows XP, then use then this will be under the following folder instead:

c:\Documents and Settings\<WindowsUserName>\Application Data\Repeat

You can download sample files from:

The ResellerWebsiteURL.txt just contains the website you want the user to go to if either the splash screen banner or the main screen banner images are clicked on.

This feature is supported from Repeat Signage V5.

Terms and conditions

You are welcome to display your logos and information in the above way in Repeat Signage as long as the following conditions are met:

1.  You do not misrepresent yourself or your organisation as being part of Repeat Software Ltd or directly connected to it.

2.  You do not put pornographic or illegal images within your banners, or adverts for competing products.

3.  The website address contained within ResellerWebsiteURL.txt goes to a page on your own website.