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See Repeat Icons for general information on Repeat Icons.

Searching for icons

When looking for icons, start by browsing through the category list and looking for categories that may suite your needs. Click on these and their icons will be displayed.  The icon previews default to 100 icons but many categories have hundreds of icons, so use the 'Next page' and 'Previous page' buttons to move between pages. 

When you have found an icon you want use, then double click it and you will be taken to the 'Select colours' tab so that you can customise the colours.


We currently have 6 collections of icons.  Use the 'Collection' drop down to select the style of icons required or using the 'ALL COLLECTIONS' option to show all icons.  This is useful if you only want to display certain styles of icons in the list.  For example, collection 'BRIGHT ICONS 01' has full colour icons:

Repeat Signage icons

and '2D ICONS 01' has flat icons that allow just two colours to be selected:

Repeat Signage icons


Start typing a search in the search box, for example 'people'.  As you type, it searches the names of our icons and displays the results on screen.  Only 30 icons are shown per page, so you may still need to use the  'Previous page' and 'Next page' buttons move between pages of icons.

NOTE - This only searches the name of the icon, so we advise you to use the categories instead.

Selecting an icon

When you have found an icon you want to use, then either double click it, or click on it and then use the 'Next' button.  This will then take you to the 'Select colours' tab where you can preview the icon in a variety of colours and then you can choose the colours you want to use.