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Sample play lists included in the installation package  

We have included some sample play lists in the installation package which are automatically installed.  There are samples of different Play list types including CONTINUOUS, HOURLY, DAILY and WEEKLY. 

Each of these play presentations that are hosted on our Repeat Software website.  This means that these play lists can be played from any computer (with Repeat Signage installed) anywhere in the world, as long it as has an Internet connection.  

We have put a description of each one below:


The play list type of CONTINUOUS just plays a single presentation continuously.  In this case it is:

which is a sample presentation for a college.  Repeat Signage computers attached to large screens playing this play list would just display this single presentation.  However, we can update this at any time to play another presentation instead, or even change the Play list type to HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, or DATES.


This HOURLY play list displays a different presentation every 15 minutes throughout an hour.  At the start of the next hour, it plays the same 4 presentations again, and just repeats this pattern. 

You need Repeat Signage installed on your Windows computer to view the samples.  Download Repeat Signage.

The presentation that is played in the first 15 minutes in an hour is:


from quarter past (15 minutes) to half past (30 minutes) is:

from half past (30 minutes) to quarter to (45 minutes):

and the last 15 minute slot (from 45 to 60 minutes) is:

If you play this presentation, then look at what the current time is.  If it is say 4.23pm, then the quarter past to half past presentation of EstateAgents01-16to9-1280x720.rsl will be played.


This DAILY play list shows 3 presentations at different times of the day:

From midnight until 9am:

from 9am until 6pm:

and lastly from 6pm until midnight:

In this example we have 3 completely different presentations being displayed.  However, if a screen was in a public area, such as a shopping centre, then adverting revenue could be generated by playing advert presentations for different businesses.  Also imagine a DAILY play list in a fast food burger restaurant.  You could display a breakfast menu presentation from midnight until 10am, and then the standard daytime menu from 10am onwards for the rest of the day. 


With this WEEKLY example play list we have a single presentation being displayed for each day of the week.  This is just an example and you could have presentations anytime, such as different presentations for each morning, afternoon and evening.  The presentations are:








With WEEKLY play lists, you have to specify presentations to cover every minute of the week.  So if you will only be playing presentations from Monday to Friday, then you will also need to specify a presentation for all day Saturday and Sunday as well. 


With a play list type of DATES, you can use recurring tasks.  In this example, we are scheduling:

from midnight to midday every day and then:

from midday to midnight.   This was done by dragging and dropping the EstateAgents01-16to9-1280x720.rsp presentation onto the grid and resizing it to cover 12am to 12pm and then double clicking it to show the task:

Play list edit task with recurrance button

The 'Recurrence' button was then clicked to open the 'Edit recurrence' screen:

Play list recurrence screen

in this case we selected the recurrence pattern of 'Daily' and every 1 day.  This means that this presentation will play every morning continually.  The same was done with the hops01-16to9-1280x720.rsp but from 12 midday to 12 midnight, so that the entire day was covered and then we used the same recurrence pattern.

This means that every day, one presentation will play before midday and one presentation after.  You may be thinking that you could do this with a DAILY play list instead.  However, we can cancel occurrences of these tasks on specific days (by highlighting an occurrence and pressing the delete key, selecting 'Delete this occurrence' and clicking OK), which you cannot do with a DAILY schedule.  What we have done is to delete an occurrence of both of these presentation on the 25 December 2013 and then put an all day task of:

to play on Christmas Day:

Play list dates example

The recurrence rules are quite flexible and you will notice that in the above picture that you can also specify an 'End by' date.  This gives the flexibility to just have a pattern for a month, and then do different scheduling in the next month, etc.  The recurrence patterns of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly are also available.