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Screen burn-in

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Screen burn-in


Screen burn-in is where an image has been displayed on a monitor or TV for long periods and you can see a ghosted image when showing different images, or the monitor is turned off.


Preventing screen burn-in using Repeat Signage


In order to prevent this, one solution is to use a play list to display two (or more) different variations of your presentation.  For example, you could create two versions of a presentation:


Version 1 of the presentation




Version 2 of the presentation


These two presentations above have exactly the same controls, pictures and text, but everything have been moved around in the second picture so that the static images and text are in different positions.


In the Standard and above editions, you can use Repeat Signage play lists (see Creating your first play list for details).  Simply create a STANDARD play list with both versions of the presentation in the list and then choose how often you would like to change them, which could be every hour.


In the Standalone edition, which doesn't have the play lists, you could simply play the first version of the presentation on Monday, and then second on Tuesday and just keep rotating them around.




LCD screens generally do not burn-in as much as the old, now discontinued, plasma screens did.  Projectors do not have the same issues with burn in.


See the Wikipedia entry for image persistence (screen burn-in) for more information: