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Embedded picture

This tab shows you the entire embedded picture you are editing.  When pictures are saved within a spreadsheet, a snap shot of the inserted picture is saved.  You can use the other tabs on this screen to adjust the size of this image or crop it.

Adjusting the size of the image can be beneficial.  For example, you may be displaying a picture which was taken with a modern digital camera and may be 4,000x3,000 pixels in size.  This means that when saved within the spreadsheet file, it could add an extra 300kb to the size of the spreadsheet, which means it takes up more disk space and is slower if emailed.  On the 'Select size' tab, you could reduce this to 25% making the inserted image 1,000x750 pixels and reducing the size of the spreadsheet.  It may be that you only display the picture at 400x300 pixels after resizing on the spreadsheet anyway.

The 'Manual cropping' tab can also be useful as it allows you to cut out the area of the picture you want.

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you resize or crop an embedded image, this is a permanent change and the original will no longer be available when you save the spreadsheet.  You can use the 'Save as picture file' button to save the original to disk if you would like.

Save as picture file

This allows you to save the original image to a file on your hard disk.  You can choose any of the following picture file formats: