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Picture insert/edit - Select Repeat Icon tab

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Repeat Signage icons

Use the 'Select icon wizard' button on this tab to choose a Repeat Icon and then select it's colours.

When you have selected this then click on the 'Next' button so that you can choose the size of your icon when inserted into your spreadsheet.

Note on embedded pictures in spreadsheets

Our icons can be scaled to any size and keep their quality.  However, when you insert a Repeat Icon into a spreadsheet, it takes a snapout of the icon's picture which is saved within the spreadsheet file itself.  If you do this within Repeat Signage, we also keep a note of your icon details and any options used like cropping and resizing.  So if you then edit the spreadsheet again with Repeat Signage, you can double click the icon's picture to edit it. 

This is important as if you insert the icon at say 50x50 pixels and then resize it within the spreadsheet to a larger size, you will lose some quality.  You can double click the icon on your spreadsheet to set a higher size if needed.