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Preview and insert

This screen shows you a preview of the final image to be inserted.  If you have chosen to crop your image, then you will see the final results.  It will also tell you the final number of pixels of the image.

Use the 'Insert picture' button to insert into your spreadsheet.

"Insert into spreadsheet at size (width x height)" and "Insert into spreadsheet at location (x,y)" options

The 'Insert into spreadsheet at size' boxes allow you to set the displayed size of the image within the spreadsheet.  For example, you may be inserting a picture of 800x600 pixels, but only want to display it on screen at 400x300 pixels in size.  This open is useful when you have several pictures to insert and you want the pictures all exactly the same size, so that your designer looks balanced.

The 'Insert into spreadsheet at location' options only display on editing.  These are useful when you have several pictures and say want them in a line.  You can manually position them on the spreadsheet, and then check each picture's top values are the same.  The first box is the left (x) position and the second the top (y) position

Resizing and rotating the image within your spreadsheet

After you have inserted your new or changed picture into your spreadsheet, you can click on it and to see the resizer handles:
Totating the image within your spreadsheet
and you can then click and drag out them to size your picture inside you spreadsheet as requited.  The green circle icon above the image allows you to allows you to rotate the final image:

Example of rotated image

The 'Keep final image shape when resizing within your spreadsheet' tick box affects your resizing when you are back on your spreadsheet.  If ticked, then when you use any of the corner circle resizer handles, then the picture or icon will always keep it's shape and not be stretched.  However, if you use any of the middle square resizer handles then these will stretch the image.

In the spreadsheet designer, you can also select several pictures (by holding Ctrl key on the keyboard then clicking on two or more pictures):

Selecting multiple images for your spreadsheets

which means that you can move these together when designing.