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Spreadsheet play list item

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You can use this screen to add play list items.  This enables you to display different sheets in your spreadsheet file in a loop to your audience.   You can also specify which cell is the first one and how long each sheet is on screen. 

The options are:

Choose sheet - Select a sheet from your spreadsheet.

Choose top left cell (optional) - This is the top left starting corner for the selected sheet.  By default it starts at 'A1', which is the top left corner of the sheet.

Use default delay between play list items - There is a setting on the 'Spreadsheet' tab on the previous screen that allows you to set how long before displaying the next play list item.  If you have this box ticked, then it will take it's value from there.  Un-ticked, you can then use the 'Delay before next play list item' box to set a different display time for this particular item.