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System settings - Error reporting tab

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System settings - Error reporting tab  

When you play presentations on a Repeat Signage player computer it will collect and use content files sure as pictures, videos, RTF and PDF files.  However, there may be times when the player cannot read files and the person looking after your digital signage needs to know about this, as you don't want a screen displaying either no content or out of date content.

For computers with Internet access, you can using this screen to add a list of email addresses so that Repeat Signage can email on problems.  Obviously, if the problem is that it has no network or Internet connection, then the emails will no come through. 

You can also get the screen to display error codes in the corner of the screen if there is a problem collecting content files or new versions of presentations.  What will appear on screen is a small number in, by default, the bottom left corner of the screen. This will notify staff members that there is a problem, but your audience will hardly notice it.  This is a good solution for places like reception areas or in shops where your staff also view the digital signage screens.

Sending emails on error

You will need to put a tick in the 'Send emails on error' tick box and then fill in the following information:

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server - This is the address of your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) mail sever or your internal mail server (talk to your IT Department).  It will be something like '', '', depending on which ISP you are using.  If you are using Windows Mail or Outlook Express, you can check your current outgoing mail server by opening the program and clicking on 'Tool's then 'Accounts' on the email.  Then choose your mail account and look at the settings.  There is a Servers tab.

If your computer network uses a proxy server, then you can configure proxy server settings on our Proxy tab.

Email subject - Usually 'Repeat Signage error report'.  However, change this to whatever you like.  Sometimes spam filters 'eat' emails, so you can change the error's emails subject to something that doesn't interfere.

Email from - You have to have a 'from' email address when sending emails.  You can use your email address.

Email addresses - You can specify that several email addresses, just put one on each line, for example: (these are not live email address)

After you have filled in all the boxes, then use the 'Send test email' button to make sure you can send error emails successfully. 

Note - You may set up a computer with Repeat Signage ready for installation at another location.  The sending of a test email may work perfectly.  However, it may not work at the installation location if that location is connected to the Internet using a different Internet Service Provider.  For example, you may be with British Telecom at head office and the installation location may be with NTL (UK example).  You will need to test sending emails again when installed and may need to change the outgoing mail server to get emails to send.  You may also need to alter proxy settings if the installation location uses a proxy server.

Displaying error codes
Just put a tick in the 'Display error codes on screen' tick box.  When presentations run, if content files are missing or Internet resources are unavailable, then a small number will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.  See Repeat Signage Error Codes for what each code means.  You can right mouse click on the player and view the errors.