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System settings - General tab

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System settings - General tab

Set system to automatically check for updates on startup - This makes the system check for updates when Repeat Signage starts in design mode, rather then when playing files.   You can specify how often to check when you have a tick in this box, with the default being every 7 days.

Beta tester password - Repeat Software works with a number of organisations (currently several UK schools and councils. and several US companies) to help improve our software.  New controls are being added to Repeat Signage and our beta testers give us feedback on these prior to general release.  Beta testers are given a password to put in this box which enables beta testing menus in the designer and other screens, which display additional features.  If you would like to work with us then please email

Installer password - Displays Installer options.  This is only available to resellers that install our software as part of customised hardware and software solutions.

Enable logging - IMPORTANT - This should only be used for debugging problems if Repeat Software support suggest you use this option as it will slow down your system.  This creates a text file logging things that happen within Repeat Signage when playing presentations.  Text files are outputted to the logging folder in the format PresentationFileName-2013-11-04-22-42-46.txt.  It is used if you have problems with a particular presentation so that Support can get a better idea of what is happening.  If you are using play lists, there also get a logging file which details what is happening when presentations are being loaded and changed on screen as part of a play list.

Enable error logging - This creates an error log file in the logging folder for each presentation which details of any errors.  Errors are usually to do with missing files when Repeat Signage cannot access content files, such as picture and text files, from either network drives on Internet websites.

Logging folder - Where the log files are on your system (for the current user).  We use a sub folder called 'Logging' off your default data folder where you presentations (.rsp) and play lists (.rspl) files are stored.

Enable presentation/play list logging - This logs every time a presentation or play list is played.  On the main screen, if you click on 'Utilities' then 'Presentation/play list playing log' if will show you the play log including which and how long presentations were played for.

Log each presentation change - When you play a presentation, by default it just logs the play list file name and also the start and finish time.  You can get Repeat Signage to log every presentation change whilst the play list is running as well.