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Installer branding tab

Some of our resellers install Repeat Signage as part of a hardware/software digital signage solution.  This tab allows some of the default branding to be changed to a custom name chosen by the installer so that users see their name and contact details instead of Repeat's.  Users of the software will then contact the installer directly for support.

This system can also be used by end user organisations to apply their organisation's name and logos throughout the software for when the software is displayed to their customers.

In order to activate this, then you need to put a tick in the 'Customise software to display installer details' tick box and enter the name you want to use for the application, for example 'MyCompany Digital Signage' and also fill in the name of your organisation.  You also need to check the 'I agree to installer terms and conditions' box.

You also need to specify a sub folder name, such as 'MyDigitalSignage'.  This needs to be a valid Windows folder name, so you can't use characters such as the * or ? symbols.  This is used for default file paths for media and also when sample media is installed.  It is also used for default data folder names.

Installer support email - This needs to be filled in as we have a number of information and error messages throughout the system that asks end users to contact our support department.  Please enter an email address you would like your end-users to email if they have any queries about Repeat Signage.

The other setting on this page are optional:

Installer website - If this is filled in then option such as on the main screen's help menu will link to your website.  If left empty then menu items that use this setting will be removed.

Installer support URL - If filled in, the main screen's help menu support will link to your website.  If left blank, this menu option will be removed.

Installer buy URL - If filled in, the main screen's menu buy will link to your website.  If left blank, this menu option will be removed.

Installer branding terms and conditions agreement

1.   The intellectual property rights and copyright remains solely with Repeat Software Ltd.
2.   The help file can be decompiled and you can create your own branded version as per the instructions above.  However, the copyright of the help file contents including all text and images remains with Repeat Software Ltd.  You may use the contents of the help file to produce your own branded version of the help file.
3.   You still agree to the current 'End User License Agreement' which is stored in the RepeatSignageEULA.rtf file in the installation folder
4.   The end user customers still need to agree to the 'End User License Agreement'.
5.   Must not pretend to represent Repeat Signage Ltd or make promises of customisation of the software. 
6.   You must not decompile or reverse engineer any of our executable or DLL files.
7.   Sample media (including pictures, PDF, RTF files, Word documents, etc) and sample presentations included in the installation package remains the copyright of Repeat Software Ltd. These files are for use within Repeat Signage, and your branded version.  You may use these files and customise for your clients but must not sell or redistribute without Repeat Signage, or allow you clients to sell/redistribute this media.

Stopping users seeing this installer tab - IMPORTANT

You will only see the installer menu if you have used the Beta Tester password, which will have been given to you by Repeat Software.   After installing our software and customising it with this screen, you need to make sure you remove the password and then the end user will not see this tab or be able to un-rebrand Repeat Signage.

Other settings
Installer help file name
- See 'Rebranding the help file' below about creating your own help file.  If this is left blank then it removes all the 'Press F1 for help' links throughout the system.  If you just want to use the normal help file then type in 'RepeatSignage.chm' in this box.

Show options
- On most location screens, when browsing for files such as pictures, there is an option to use our free service.  You can disable all the links to this external service if required.

Rebranding the help file

There is a help file in the installation folder called 'RepeatSignage.chm'.  You may not want your end users to see the Repeat Signage version of the help file.  If you leave the 'Installer help file name' box blank, then Repeat Signage removes all the 'Press F1 for help' links from Repeat Signage and effectively there is no help file.

However, you may want to create your own help file by taking the RepeatSignage.chm file's pages and creating your own branded version.  You will need to website designer software such as Microsoft Expression Web and a reasonable grasp of editing HTML files.  Below is step-by-step what you will need to do to create your own file:

1.  You need to download and install a Windows help file generator software.  We recommend Microsoft Help Workshop which is a free Microsoft tool available to download from
2.   You need to install Repeat Signage and collect a copy of our help file, RepeatSignage.chm, from the installation folder.  This can also be downloaded from
3.   If you are using Microsoft Help Workshop then install and open this software and then use the 'File' then 'Decompile' option on the main menu to extract all of the help file pages to a folder on your hard disk.  This will give you all of the HTML and picture pages that make up the help file. 
4.  You will also need the Microsoft Help Workshop project file in order to have the help file structure. This can be downloaded from and should be put in the same folder you have extracted the help file to.
5.  And finally, you will need the Dynamic Web Template that controls the header and footer of each page, which can be downloaded from  This is a ZIP file so you will need to extract the HelpTemplate.dwt contained within it to your folder.
6.  Now use Microsoft Help Workshop to open the RepeatSignage.hhp file.  You now need to manually go through the Contents tab entries and manually rename any Repeat Signage entries to the name you want to use, such as MyDigitalSignage.
7.  You also need to go to the Project tab and open the options.  Change the title from 'Repeat Signage 2014 help' to your required name.
8.  Next job is to open this folder in your website designer software.  You need to open the Dynamic Web Template called 'HelpTemplate.dwt' which is the template that puts the header and footer on all the help file pages.  Amend accordingly.
9.   Do a find and replace for the enter folder on 'Repeat Signage' with your chosen name  (product name).
10. Do a find and replace for the enter folder on 'Repeat Software Ltd' with your organisation's name.
11. Do a find and replace for the enter folder on 'Repeat Software' with your organisation's name.
12. Do a find and replace for the enter folder on 'Repeat' with your chosen name (product name).
13.  You will need to edit and remove the picture of the Repeat Signage box from the overview.htm file, which is the first help file page.  You will also need to go through this and manually check pages and change and remove as necessary.
14.  If you are not using our free service, then you will also need to go through and remove all entries to this as well.
15. Make sure all files are saved.  Don't worry about the file names as some will have Repeat in their file name.  The end user will not see these filename unless they decompile the help file.
16. Now back to Microsoft Help Workshop and compile the help file.  The finished file will be called RepeatSignage.chm, which you can then rename to your own name such as MyDigitalSignage.chm. 
17.  Copy your final .chm file to the Repeat Signage installation folder.
18.  You will now, on this installation tab, put the name of your help file in the 'Installer help file name' box.  Now save by clicking on OK.  Then you will need to close Repeat Signage and reopen it for the help file to get put in place.  You can test this by pressing F1 on the main screen.  If you don't see 'Press F1 for help' at the bottom of tabs, then make sure your file is in the installation folder and that the correct name is on this tab.
19.  You can then press the F1 on various screen and make sue the information is correct and come back and change the HTML files as necessary and recompile by following steps 16-17
above.  On the main Repeat Signage screen, click on the 'Help' menu and also look at the 'Contents' menu item which shows the main page of the help file (overview.htm).

Changing the installation folder

When you install Repeat Signage, by default it installs to:

C:\Program Files\RepeatSignage

on 32-bit versions of Windows and:

C:\Program Files (x86)\RepeatSignage

on 64-bit versions of Windows.  When you install, simple choose another folder name such as:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MyCompanyDigitalSignage

If you have already installed Repeat Signage, simply rename the folder.

Renaming RepeatSignage.exe, short cuts and Start menu folders

You may also with to do the following:

1.   In the installation folder, rename 'RepeatSignage.exe' to another name that ends in .exe.  For example 'MyCompanyDigitalSignage.exe'.
2.   Rename the end user license agreement document in the RepeatSignageEULA.rtf folder.
3.   Delete or amend the Readme.rtf file.
4.   Rename or delete RepeatSignageInDebugMode.bat
5.   Delete the desktop icon.
6.   Create a new desktop shortcut to your new .exe file if required.
7.   Remove the Windows Start menu folder and short cuts
8.   Set up a new Windows Start menu folder and short cuts if required.

Sample media and presentations

Some of the sample media included in the installation package is Repeat Signage branded.  These files are installed to the following folder:


You may wish to go through to remove the following files:


The contents of the installation package change over time, so it is worth checking these folders when a new version of Repeat Signage has been installed.

Sample presentations

When you install Repeat Signage, sample presentations are created

Updates to Repeat Signage

The 'Check for updates' option will also be missing for the menu.  We would suggest updates to be performed manually either onsite or via remote control software.  See our Remote Control Software help page for compatible software.

You need to install the latest version of Repeat Signage on a computer at your offices, then rename the RepeatSignage.exe file to your .exe name, or example 'MyCompanyDigitalSignage.exe'.  Then collect all the files from the installation folder and either transfer them manually to the client's machine or use Remote Control Software to do the update manually by dialing in and replacing the files in the client's installation folder with your new ones.

File extensions

These will remain the same:
Standard presentations .rsp    Standard and above editions
Lite presentation .rsl     Standalone edition
Play lists .rspl   Standard and above editions

Repeat Signage icon

This will remain the same as it is compiled into the application.

Registry entries

These will remain as Repeat Signage entries.

Repeat Signage serial numbers

You will still require a serial number for every copy of Repeat Signage you install which can be purchased either directly from Repeat Software Ltd or any of it's resellers or distributors.

Full OEM rebranding of Repeat Signage

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this option which includes creating your own setup program and completely rebranding our software.  This includes:

1.  Having a branded installation setup package.
2.  Using your own graphics within Repeat Signage.
3.  Having a your own branded version of our service, with a new domain name or your choosing, which can be fully hosted and maintained by us if required.
4.  Production and customisation of the help file including graphics.
5.  New installation package once a month as new changes come out
6.  Add additional features to Repeat Signage specific to your version. 
7.  Own file extensions.

This would be subject to signing an OEM agreement, an initial order for serial numbers (at an agreed discount) and a non-refundable customisation fee.  Both would need to be paid for in advance prior to customisation.  Serial numbers remain under the control Repeat Software Ltd and will still need to be activated in the background via Repeat's Internet based licencing server.