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Example usage

Lets say, for example, your business may have 5 sweet shops around the country and a head office.  Each shop may have a computer connected to a plasma screen which displays your presentation.  The computer, via any Internet connection, can periodically check for a new picture file that has an advert for that day's special offer.  You want to use the same presentation for all 5 shops but you would also like to display:

Welcome to our London shop
Welcome to our Edinburgh shop
Welcome to our Manchester shop

depending on the shop's location.  You can use the location 'local variable' in the text in your presentation as follows:

Welcome to our <VAR:LOCATION> shop

This tells the system to look at the local variable settings in the Location box and to then replace <VAR:LOCATION> with that boxes contents.  On each of the 5 shop player computers, you would enter the city name in the location box.

You also have <VAR:CUSTOM01>, <VAR:CUSTOM02>, etc, that you can use for any purpose.  In the above example we were replacing <VAR:LOCATION> with London.  However, you may also want to use the uppercase LONDON in another piece of text.  You could use say <VAR:CUSTOM01> for this.  For example, the text:


would be replaced with:


You can use the local variables in either text, RTF, or static HTML files.  Static HTML files are website pages without dynamic content such as video. 

Local variable names