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System settings - Passwords tab

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System settings - Passwords tab  

There are 3 passwords you can set for the system:

Admin password

Setting an admin password stops users changing the Repeat Signage settings without this password.  Settings such as the Windows start up presentation can then only be set by a user with the admin password.  In the Standard edition (and above) of Repeat Signage, you can add FTP sites which require the site name, username and password.  By setting an admin password, then a user of the system can use these FTP sites, but doesn't have access to the FTP username and password.

User password

Setting a user password means that Repeat Signage cannot be opened and used without as password.  The user or admin password can be used to access Repeat Signage.  This stops users from creating and editing presentations.  You can still play files Repeat Signage files by double-clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

Player password

Settings a player password stops people closing Repeat Signage Player without a password.  The player can be closed with either the player password, user password or admin password.

Example password usage

A large retail chain may have shops around the country with Repeat Signage player computers in them collecting presentations from an FTP server at the company's head office.  The IT Manager may have set up the FTP server and requires server passwords to be kept confidential.  The IT Manager may set up Repeat Signage so that the people at head office designing the presentations in the Marketing Department are given a user password to design and publish presentations to the FTP site, but without knowing the FTP details.  At the shop end, the shop managers are given only player passwords to close the Repeat Signage player, but do not have a user password to change presentations or admin password to alter the settings.

Presentation passwords

Each presentation can have a unique password, which is not the same as the admin, user or player passwords.  Only the presentation password can be used to open it for editing.  Anyone can play the presentation by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer.