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System settings - Player tab

Please note that in public areas people should not have access to the keyboard or mouse of your Repeat Signage player computer.  The computer should be locked away.  On screens that have the player computers integrated (such as Samsung digital signage screens) or ones with players on the back on screens, you should make sure that USB ports are not accessible for connection keyboards and mice.

The settings will not stop users from using the Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard combination to log off or shut down the computer.  These settings are designed stop accidental closing of the Repeat Signage software, or accidental pressing of keys that would show the Windows desktop or other applications.  When Repeat Signage Player is running,

You can set a password on the passwords tab to stop Repeat Signage being closed without a password.

In some situations, Repeat Signage run from a computer with dual monitors that is not dedicated for display digital signage.  For example, a computer in a reception area where one screen is used for the work of the receptionist and the other is displaying a Repeat Signage presentation file to customers/visitors.  Most of the options below are more advisable for dedicated digital signage computers.


Keep player on top of other applications - This makes sure that if another application pops-up, that Repeat Signage keeps making itself the top program.

Remove Windows start bar when running -  Repeat Signage will automatically cover the entire screen.  In some instances, the Windows Task Bar will appear on top of the running player.  You can use this option to hide the Windows Start Bar.  However, don't use this option unless you need to.

Disable Internet Explorer web browser refresh noise - Repeat Signage uses Internet Explorer to display website pages.  Internet Explorer has a refresh/navigate sound that is played on refreshing a page or navigating to a new page.  Repeat Signage inherits the same noise.  If you want to disable this noise whilst using Repeat Signage, then you need to put a tick in the 'Disable Internet Explorer web browser refresh noise' tick box and save.  This means that Repeat Signage and Internet Explorer will not play this noise whilst Repeat Signage is loaded.

Monitor playing presentations and playlists and auto refresh if changed - If you are using Repeat Signage on a network, you may put presentations on a network drive.  You may have a computer with Repeat Signage displaying a presentation on a plasma screen in the reception area.  If the reception area computer plays it's presentation from a network drive, then that presentation could be updated by someone else on the same network, for example, by some in the IT Department.  On the reception computer, putting a tick in the 'Monitor playing presentations and playlists and auto refresh if changed' tick box on that copy of Repeat Signage's settings, will get the reception computer to monitor it's presentation on the network drive.  This means that if the IT Department update the presentation, then the reception computer automatically loads the new presentation and displays it.  The frequency the reception computer checks for an updated presentation is determined by the time specified in 'Check for updated presentations or playlists' boxes.