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You can use this screen to set default values for new controls.  The following apply to most controls inserted into presentations:

Check for updated content (Standard and above editions only)

When you insert a picture, text from a text file, video, etc, Repeat Signage can check the file's date/time periodically to see if that file has been changed since your presentation loaded.  For example, you may display text on screen in a shop with information on a special offer such as:

Today's offer - 2 for 1 on chocolate biscuits

If this text is in a text file on a network drive, such as n:\Offer.txt then you can change this text when ever you like by editing this file in Windows Notepad.   Put a tick in the 'Check for updated content' tick box.  If you tick the 'For local/network files - monitor file system for file changes and update ASAP' then Repeat Signage will monitor this file for when it changes.  If you then update the offer to:

Today's offer - 3 for 2 on fruit cakes

then Repeat Signage will detect the change and update the screen usually within a couple of seconds.   Instead of monitoring a local or network file, you can get Repeat Signage to manually check every, say 5 minutes (this also takes less computer system resources as the computer is not constantly monitoring the files).  This is useful for content on Internet websites or FTP sites (Pro version only).  For example, if that offer file was placed on the shop organisation's website, such as at then if your presentation in one or more shops is pointing at this, then the offer would be updated within 5 minutes.

Collecting text from websites is very flexible as the head office can update text on screens.  For example, there could be multiple shops and you put a file on the website for a different offer in each shop:

The presentations in each shop would collect text from their own text files.  As long as you don't put links to these files from your website pages, then these files will never be seen by people browsing your website.

In a production environment, you could use Repeat Signage to display messages to members of staff.