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Designer and player video types

Repeat Signage V5 allows the playing of .MP4 videos.  Any other format will need to be converted to .MP4  Video control.

Repeat Signage uses Windows Media Player to display your videos. There are several ways to access Windows Media Player from a program such as Repeat Signage. Repeat Signage uses two ways:

TYPE ONE - This is very reliable single monitor system and Repeat Signage uses this by default when you only have 1 monitor connected to your computer. This can be used with multiple monitors, but the video must be on completely on one of the monitors, and not spread between them, as the video on one side will appear black.

TYPE TWO - This allows the spreading of videos between multiple monitors. However, intermittently a video may fail to play which is usually HD video when playing on the non-primary monitor. In all cases, you should fully test Repeat Signage with your video files. This is used in the designer for designing presentations. However, the player may use the TYPE ONE video technology in order to display the video if the video does not span multiple screens.