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System settings - Touch tab

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Touchscreen control has been discontinued.

System settings - Touch tab (Standalone and above editions only)

These setting apply when playing touch screen presentations.  


Show mouse cursor whilst touch screen presentation playing - When using touch screens, usually no mouse cursor is seen on screen.  With this option unticked, then the system mouse cursor doesn't appear.  However, this is not helpful when designed a touch screen presentation on a normal non-touch screen monitor, so you can choose to show a mouse cursor.  Also, you can use touch screen presentations without a touch screen monitor by allowing the users to have a mouse (but not a keyboard).  This will just be able to control the touch screen presentation with the mouse rather than using their finger.  In this situation, you want the mouse cursor displayed.

Close playing touch screen presentation password (compulsory) - You can't display an exit option for touch screen presentations otherwise you allow the user to quit the touch screen presentation and have control over the computer, which is not a good idea.  In order to close the touch screen presentation when playing, you need to attach a keyboard to the system and then type in the password.  Repeat Signage intercepts your keyboard input and will close when you type in the correct password.  The default password is 'closeme'.