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Screen pixel resolutions

A computer screen's image is made up of a large number of pixels. For example, many desktop monitors have 1280 x 1024 pixels. You should design your presentations to an exact pixel resolution, so you have total control of how your presentation is displayed. We recommend designing on a monitor that has the same number of pixels as the target screen you will be playing your digital signage presentation on.

Landscape and portrait presentations

See our landscape and portrait help page for more information on using presentations in portrait orientations and how to change Windows if you have rotated your screen.

Create new presentation - Another computer

You need to choose the screen resolution (number of pixels such as 1024x768 pixels) that you are targeting for the presentation.  You can either type them in or pick from the list displayed.  Click on the create button when you have made your choice.

If you have more than one monitor attached to your system, you will then be prompted to select which monitor or monitors that you want to design this new presentation on.

Select monitor screen

Select monitors screen (above)  appears after you choose to create a presentation for another computer, only if you have more than one monitor attached.