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Playing your first touch screen presentation

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Touchscreen control has been discontinued.

Playing your first touch screen presentation

1.  From the main Repeat Signage screen, make sure you are on the 'Presentations' tab page and then click on the 'Play presentation' button.  You should see the file 'First Presentation.rsp' created if you did the Creating your first presentation tutorial.  Double click 'First Presentation.rsp' to play the presentation. 

If you have more than one monitor attached to your system, then Repeat Signage will ask you which monitor you wish to play the presentation on.  If this happens then choose the one you designed this presentation on.

Changing Repeat Signage Player options so that Repeat Signage is always the top application

1.  From the main Repeat Signage screen, on the menu click on 'File' then 'Settings'.

This will open the System settings screen.  There are lots of tabs for altering the system settings. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - Repeat Signage has a context-sensitive help system which means that appropriate help if available whenever you press the F1 key on your keyboard.  For example, every tab on this System settings screen has it's own help page.  So whatever tab you choose, you can press F1 and it will give you information about that particular tab. 

Look at the tabs at the top of the screen and select the 'Player' tab.

3.  Put a tick in the 'Keep player on top of other applications (recommended)' tick box.

4.  There are a number of other tick boxes on this page.  Press the F1 key on your keyboard or click on the 'Press F1 for help' button and just spend a minute looking at the options.

5.  Click on the OK button to save the changes to the system settings. 

6.  Play your presentation again.  When it is playing, then if you use the 'Alt+Tab' keyboard combination (holding down the Alt key on your keyboard and then every time you press the tab key on your keyboard it allows you to change the current program of view the Windows Desktop), then it will allow you to change to any running programs but Repeat Signage will then pop itself back in front full screen so that you can only see the presentation.

Note - With the PowerPoint scheduler control, Repeat Signage will keep itself on top only when PowerPoint files are not playing, otherwise it will cover up the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. 

If you are using Repeat Signage on a dedicated computer that is only for displaying digital signage, then it is advisable to disable or remove any pop-up type software such as Windows Live Messenger and disable any pop-up messages on anti-virus software etc. 

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