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Touch screen template - Select a folder

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Touchscreen control has been discontinued.

There are two types of touch screen templates in Repeat Signage:

1.  Templates that allow the displaying of website pages designed with touch in mind.  These have to be created by website designers in the same way as you have had your own website designed.

2.  Templates that allows the displaying of pictures and text, with previous and next buttons.

The template you have selected is the website pages type.  This is effectively a sample to demonstrate the concept.  In order to do this the template needs empty folder so that all the website pages (plus CSS files, images used, etc) can be extracted to a folder and also the touch screen presentation will also be created there.  This screen allows you to choose a blank folder, or create a new one, and also allows you to use a name for the touch screen presentation.

If you are not sure, then just go with the defaults displayed, which will allow you to see the template and the example.