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Logging into a secure website

Some websites allow users to automatically login by passing a username and password to a login page.   For example, a login URL my look like:

http://www.mywebsite/login.aspx?user=bob&pass=bobsPassword  (This is an example, not a live link.)

which will automatically login the user before going to their destination page, for examples:

http://www.mywebsite/UsersHomePage.aspx (This is an example, not a live link.)

If you need to specify a login URL, then put a tick in the 'Login required' tick box and put your login URL in the box.

SECURITY NOTE - Repeat Signage securely encrypts login URL's within a Repeat Signage presentation.  However, you will need to specify a presentation edit password if you want to stop anyone opening the presentation in the Repeat Signage Designer and viewing the URL.  You can set a presentation password from the Repeat Signage Designer screen, by clicking 'File' then 'Settings' on the designer menu.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The web browser control will only display Internet websites whilst an Internet connection is available.  Repeat Signage V5 feature and is not backwardly compatible with older versions of Repeat Signage.  Please make sure if you use login URLs to upgrade any player machines to Repeat Signage V5