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HTML tab

You need to paste in your widget HTML code that you collected.   Let's look at a quick example:

Repeat Software are based in Skegness in England.  If we wanted to display the temperature we could use a weather widget site like:

We have set their options to just display the temperature, set the font and background colours, and the widget displays like:

Example of displayed widget

Our final widget code is:

<div id="c_bcfeac7220b6845dabc1fb7968e74af7" class="mini"><div id="w_bcfeac7220b6845dabc1fb7968e74af7" class="mini" style="height:100%"></div></div><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

So that is what we would need to paste into this tab.

This particular widget will not display as is.  It needs embedding into a website page.  So when we go to the preview tab, we need to tick the 'Embed in page' option so that it displays.   You then have additional options on how the widget is displayed.