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You can use this tab to specify a Repeat Signage Presentation file (.rsp files) or Repeat Signage Play List files (.rspl files) to automatically start when Windows starts.  This allows you to specify a file to start on each screen on your system.  For example, you could have a different presentation playing on the primary (Screen number 1) and secondary (Screen number 2) monitor. 

Use the 'Browse for presentation' and 'Browse for playlist' buttons to specify your file to play at startup.

Screen record

If you have a  system with more than one monitor, then you can control which screens presentations play on at startup.  For example, the picture above shows a system with two screens, screen 1 and screen 2.  Screen 2 has been ticked and on startup, the selected presentation (c:\news2.rps above) will play when Windows starts.  After adding this record, a different presentation could be selected for screen 1.  If you had created a presentation that spanned both screens, then you would add a single screen record here that have both screen 1 and screen 2 ticked so that the selected presentation plays across both screens.

Note - When two or more presentations start on different screens, each is running as a separate program.  You will need to right mouse click and close each of these separately if you wanted them to stop running.