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PDF file compatibility

Repeat Signage does not use Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to display PDF files.  It uses a completely different system.  Repeat Signage will display most PDF files.  However, we do not support gradient images, which can sometimes mean that part of a PDF file is missing.

We have had only two reported instances of PDF file problems to date (October 2013).  One was a PDF exported from Microsoft Word which had a gradient background, and the second was a PDF file created by exporting a PowerPoint presentation from Microsoft PowerPoint, where some of the lines on graphs were missing.

Working around this issue for incompatible PDF files

In the case of the PowerPoint file, we worked around this issue by opening the PowerPoint file in OpenOffice 4 Impress, which is a free professional office suite available to download from, and then using the 'File' menu option called 'Export as PDF' to create the PDF in this software instead.  The PDF created didn't have the same issue and then displayed perfectly within Repeat Signage.  So if you are using Microsoft Office and create a PDF that won't display correctly in Repeat Signage, please try installing OpenOffice and exporting from that software instead.

PDF's tend to be created in other software such as Microsoft Office, and then exported to PDF.  In both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, you have the option of saving/exporting files to different formats.  So if the PDF file you produce will not display correctly, then try exporting the file as a picture file or another format supported by Repeat Signage.

Please contact our Support Department at if you have any problems.  I would help if you can email us your source document/spreadsheet/presentation as well.