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Videos How to split multi-page PDFs into single pages

The Batch PDF Splitter searches for all PDF files within a folder (and subfolders if required) and then creates a separate PDF file for each page to your target folder. So for example, a 3 page PDF file:




would become:






The page numbers are automatically added to the file names.


Each tab on this screen has a different help file. 


Options on this tab


Source PDF folder - The folder that contains the PDF files you want to resize.  Any non-PDF files (such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc) are ignored.   None of your original files are changed.  Split PDF files go into your output folder.


Output PDF folder - This is where your PDF pages will be placed.  This has to be a different folder to the source folder.

Include subfolders - This checks all sub folders in your source folder and resizes them as well.

Duplicate subfolder structure in output folder - If you have chosen to include subfolders, then this option copies all of these folders to your output folder.  If this option is not ticked, then all PDF files go into your output folder instead.

Batch PDF Splitter - file changes