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eBay Connection Manager

See eBay Auctions in Repeat Signage for an overview.

The eBay Connection Manager allows you to set up new connections to eBay account.   This involves clicking on the 'Add' button and then using the 'eBay link wizard' to allow Repeat Signage access to download your eBay listings.  When the wizard runs, it will download a list of all your eBay auctions and also the auctions pictures to the Repeat Signage system cache.

Once you have connected, you will see your eBay account in the list.  You can then use the 'Connect' button to view all the auctions on your account with a preview picture next to each. 

By default, Repeat Signage doesn't collect the latest eBay auctions when you connect.  This is because some eBay accounts have hundreds or thousands of listings and it is time consuming waiting for these to be downloaded.  If you want to force an update of the eBay listings, then tick the 'Get latest listings if out of date' check box before connecting.  This will only run an update if the current downloaded version if over 2 hours old, otherwise you will need to use the 'Force full update' check box before connecting instead.

Trouble shooting

Repeat Signage stores a copy of the last collected auctions and auction pictures on your computer.  This means that if this computer is not connected to the Internet, you can still view and use the last collect set of auctions in presentations.   So if your auctions seem to be out of date when displaying on screen, then the first thing to check is that the computer is connected to the Internet.

Error messages - User intervention required

If you, or someone in your organisation, goes on the online eBay control panel and removes access for Repeat Signage, then you will see this error message:

Third-party authorisation has been revoked by the user via site preferences settings in My eBay. The user must complete the Auth & Auth sign in process again.

If the token collected from eBay is no longer valid, then you will get this message:

eBay collection failed due to: Validation of the authentication token in API request failed.

If either of these happen, you will need to reconnect Repeat Signage to eBay by clicking on the eBay account name, using the Edit button and then clicking on the 'eBay connection wizard' button to re-set up the connection.

Error messages - Internet connection problems

Please check your Internet connection on either of these error messages:

The remote name could not be resolved: ''

The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.