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This is just a basic utility to export your data.  This can be useful if you want  to send some of your database information to a remote Repeat Signage computer for use by a presentation  it is playing.  For example, you could export some current product information from your database, upload to your free account, and then the remote computer can use this information.  When you want to update it, you can just export and upload again.

Export formats

You can export to a number of formats.  If you want to export a database that has more than one table, then you would need to select either Microsoft Access or XML.  The CSV and Repeat CSV formats only deal with single tables.  If you select either of the CSV formats, then the 'All tables' option will be greyed out.

If you have filtered the data in your table on the previous screen, then using the 'Current table with filter option' will apply the filter and only export the current data on screen for the current table.

Here is a summary of your export options:

Export format Multiple tables Description
CSV file No A plain text file that can be read by many computer programs such Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, and is a tradition format used for years to transfer data to other types of computers.  The drawback is that these contain only data from a single database table.
XML file Yes This is the current standard format for sending database information over the Internet. 
Microsoft Access 97/2003 Yes Uses the older version of Microsoft Access which can be read by many systems.  There is a 2Gb limit on the size of the database file.
Repeat CSV format No This is the same as a CSV file, but within the column headers we also export the data type of each column so that another Repeat Signage computer reading this file will get the database columns formatted correctly.  One issue with CSV files is that it is sometimes hard to detect the data type of each column.  This means that when you write SQL statements within Repeat Signage to retrieve the data, number and date columns especially, will always be imported correctly.


Feel free to email our Support Department at if you need any help.  You are also welcome to email or send small databases such as Microsoft Access .mdb files, XML and CSV files and will help you collect the information you want to display.  Support is free of charge.