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WYSIWYG designing (What You See Is What You Get)

Designing of presentations is made in a similar way to using a design package for images.  You insert pictures, videos, PDF files, text, shapes, website pages, etc, and then move and resize them the same as you are used to in most software applications.  You haven't got the constraints of a fixed template which is prevalent in many digital signage packages.


Quick to learn

The aim of the designers of Repeat Signage was to produce a package that was simple enough for school children to use, but powerful enough for professionals.  Anyone with good computer skills should be able to create and play a basic presentation in 10 minutes without training.  The more advanced features of the software require some studying.  

Repeat Signage has a context-sensitive help system which means that appropriate help is available whenever you press the F1 key on your keyboard.  For example, on the designer screen, pressing F1 will give you information on adding, resizing, moving and deleting all the types of controls (text, PDF, pictures, movies, etc).

 To help you get started as quickly as possible, we have provided a number of free video tutorials available at:


Wide variety of controls

Support for the following types of controls:


Animated gif control


Audio control


Banner control (pictures or pictures with text)


Barcode and QR code control


Clock (text based) or date control


Clock (round)


Controller (Standard and above editions only)


Data grid control (Corporate and Media Wall editions only)


PDF/Document control


Picture control (single picture)


PowerPoint presentation scheduler control  (Standard and above editions only)


RSS reader control


RTF document control  (Standard and above editions only)


Shape control


Text label control


Text block control 


Video control 


Web browser (and web widgets) control


Webcam control  (Standard and above editions only)




Database support


Most of our controls allow the display of information from databases, where applicable.  See Displaying database information in Repeat Signage.

Simple, playlist, scheduling, scrolling and advanced scrolling

Many or all of the controls, such as pictures and videos, have the following options:

Simple item mode - Just insert a control, such as a picture control, choose a picture and Repeat Signage displays it.

Playlist mode
- Select several items (of the same type) and play each, one after the other.  You can specify how long each item is displayed for.

Scheduling mode
- You can use a play list in either hourly, daily, or weekly mode, in which you decide which items are displayed at specific times.

Scrolling mode
- This allows you to scroll your play list of items across or up and down the screen.  Two items are seen at once.

Scrolling with pause mode
- This allows you to scroll your play list of items across or up and down the screen.  Two items are seen at once.  These is a pause (which you specify) when an item gets to full screen, before the next item starts scrolling on.

Advanced scrolling mode
- This allows you to scroll your play list of items across or up and down the screen.  Several items are seen at once.

The images below show different modes for the picture control:

Simple Playlist Simple scrolling Simple scrolling with pause
Picture control using a play list Picture control using a play list Scrolling picture control Scrolling picture control

Advanced scrolling
Scrolling a picture control using advanced options

(IMPORTANT NOTE - The scrolling examples above use animated gifs to give you an idea of different scroll types.  Scrolling in the actual software is smooth and not jerky)

Dual monitor support

Repeat signage also allows the use of two monitors on one computer.  Many new graphics cards in computers have connections for two monitors.  Repeat Signage allows you to display information across two machines, or play different presentations on each screen. 


Content file monitoring whilst presentations are playing

You could have a text file or an image advertising a special offer.  If this is placed on a network drive (or on an Internet website or In the Standard and above editions) then Repeat Signage can monitor this file for changes whilst playing.  If you change the text in the file or update the image to a new special offer, then that text can be automatically played.  If the file is on a network drive, then it can be updated from any computer on the network (with appropriate access levels).


Using Repeat Signage on a network or over the Internet

The following diagram shows how you can remotely update Repeat Signage presentations over the Internet using using either the Standard or above editions of Repeat Signage:




Take a look at the following PDF diagram to see how to use Repeat Signage Standard edition (or above) over a network:

In the Repeat Signage system settings, you can choose to monitor playing presentations. Playing a presentation from a network drive allows other network users (with permission) to update it and then the player automatically reloads and plays the new version.

You can use the Standard and above editions to update players via the Internet anywhere in the world:


The Standard and above editions also allows the use of play lists for presentations so that you can point players at play lists on Internet websites and they are automatically downloaded and played when changed.


Also see Using Repeat Signage with Dropbox which gives details of how to remotely update presentations and content files via   Repeat Signage also supports FTP.


Using PowerPoint presentations in Repeat Signage

Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation scheduler control help page on how to schedule presentations from within a Repeat Signage presentation, so that you can mix PowerPoint and Repeat Signage. Microsoft PowerPoint files can also be converted to videos. See the Using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Repeat Signage help page for more information.


Printing to playing presentations from any application

If you install a free PDF or picture printer, that installs as a virtual printer under Windows, then you can print from your applications (Word, Excel, Visio, etc) to either PDF or picture files.  Repeat Signage presentations using these files can monitor them for changes as they are playing, and automatically update the playing presentations with the new versions.



RSS feed creation

Repeat Signage has it's own built in RSS feed manager for creating RSS feed files that you can use on network drives or on an Internet website or In the Standard and above editions.   Repeat Signage has an FTP manager so that you can add the FTP details and then publish RSS feeds directly onto your website



ZIP file support

Content files such as pictures and videos can be played from within ZIP files which means that transferring updated content over the Internet requires minimum bandwidth and download time.