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Repeat Signage digital signage software

Whilst designing Repeat Signage, we found the following free and paid for software that helped us create content files such as PDF files,  video files, etc:

Free Antivirus software - Microsoft Security Essentials

We can recommend Microsoft Security Essentials for protecting your computer against viruses.  This is free of charge from Microsoft and doesn't interfere with Repeat Signage.   With Windows 10 and 11, it is built in.

Document creation (free) for creating Writer word processing documents that can be displayed with our Picture controlPDF control and Banner control.

FTP client software

FileZilla client is an excellent free FTP client.  You can use this with Repeat Signage if trouble shooting using our FTP Manager.    (free)

SVG file editing   (free)

Remote control software

See our Remote control software page.

System cleaning to free up disk space


Video and audio editing software

Free Studio  (free)

YouTube video download

Free make   (free)
Free Studio   (free)

Video codec software

K-Lite Codec Pack   (free)
This is only needed with our old Video control which has been replaced with our Video control.

Printing to PDF's and picture files from any program

Cute PDF writer  (free)
BullZip PDF printer   (free)