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Step 7 - Updating your presentation and then updating your presentation running on the remote computer

If you are following this walk through with two different computers, you need to go back to the designer computer so that we can edit your presentation.  If you are using one, then you need to switch the account login details back to your first account, the one with administrator privileges. 


1.  You need to change from the read-only account and enter your details for your original account.  Go back to the 'Repeat Server' tab on the main Repeat Signage screen, then click on 'Account' then 'Change RepeatServer login details':

Change RepeatServer login button

and then enter the email address and password into these boxes:

RepeatServer account email address screen

and click on the 'OK' button.  You will then be returned to the Repeat Server tab.

2.  On the main Repeat Signage screen, go to the Presentations tab and click on the 'Edit presentation' button:

Repeat Signage edit presentations tab

3.  Browse for and find our 'ShopAdvert.rsp' presentation and then click on 'Open' to open the presentation in the designer:

Open Repeat Signage presentation in the designer
4.  Let us start by resizing our picture in the middle of the presentation.  Right mouse click the picture and select 'Size' then '1/4 screen:

Repeat Signage quarter screen size

5. Then centre the picture by right mouse clicking the picture again and selecting 'Position' then 'Centre screen':

Repeat Signage position tab

which will look like:

Repeat Signage designer screen
Note - The screen wrote this walk through on was wide screen.  If your computer screen is non-widescreen it will look a little different.

6.  We will now add an RSS control to screen so that we can scroll news across the bottom of the screen.  On the menu click on 'Insert' then Insert RSS reader':

Insert RSS control

7.  Select 'RSS SCROLLER 02' then select the 'Where is your RSS feed' RepeatServer, then select 'news.xml' option:

Repeat Signage RSS scroller screen

news.xml is the default news feed created automatically when you create a account.  An RSS news feed is a list of items of news.  We are going to scroll these along the bottom of the screen to give customers information.  You can change this news.xml file by logging into and when you add new items of new and publish, it will change automatically on any presentations displaying it.  This is a really easy way to remotely update a screen.

8.  Click on the Colours tab and then on the 'Back colour' section, click on the 'Choose' button:

Choose colours button

9.  On the 'Background colour' screen that is displayed, click on the 'Choose' button and then select the blue colour from the list:

Choose background colours screen

and click on 'OK' and then 'OK' again to close down these screens which will return you to the original screen, but now with the background colour in blue:

Repeat Signage colour choices screen

and click on 'OK' again to add your control to the screen.

10.  Right mouse click the new control, then select 'Size' then 'Screen width':

Selecting screen size width

11.  Click and hold you mouse on the RSS control and then drag it down to the bottom of the screen and release the mouse button to move it.  You presentation should then look something like this:

Preview presentation

It depends on the width of your screen as to whether the news items are scrolling or still. This control only scrolls the items if they cannot be shown all at once.

12.  On the menu, click on 'Insert text label':

Insert text label tab

and then type in 'Also shop online as':

Enter text label in the box

and click on 'OK' to add your new Text label control to the screen.

13.  Now resize this control by right mouse clicking it, selecting 'Size' and then 'Screen width'.

14.  Double click the control to open the 'Properties' screen and select the colours tab:

Repeat Signage colour properties screen

15.  Test time.  In step 9 you changed the background colour to blue.  Use the 'Font colour' Choose button to change the colour to white and the 'Background colour' Choose button to change the background colour to blue.  When you are finished it should look like this:

Previewing Repeat Signage colour options

then click on the 'OK' button.

16.  Click on your new control, hold down the left mouse button, drag this control to the top of the screen and release the mouse.  Your final presentation should look something like this:

Preview example presentation

17.  Save your changed presentation, by on the menu clicking on 'File' then 'Save'.  Then click on 'File' then 'Exit' to close the designer and return you to the main Repeat Signage screen.

18.  Go back to the 'Repeat Server' tab and click on 'Upload' then 'Upload files':

Repeat Signage RepeatServer upload files tab

We are going to upload your changed presentation to  These are the same sets as in the Step 4 page:

19.  This will display the upload website page from (automatically logging you in):

Login to Repeat Server

20.  Click on the 'Browse' button and find and select your ShopAdvert.rsp presentation from your hard disk and then click on 'OK'. 

21.  This will show you the upload progress.  When finished, return back to Repeat Signage but clicking on the 'Close' button in the top right corner of the page:

Closing RepeatServer screen

and then you are returned to the 'Repeat Server' tab. 

22.  If are using two computers for this walk through, then your second computer should still being play the original ShopAdvert.rsp presentation.  Watch this computer and within a minute you should see it automatically load and play the new version of the presentation.

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