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What's different and new in Repeat Signage V5

Firstly, Repeat Signage is now only for Windows 10Windows 11.  Windows Vista and XP are now discontinued, and Microsoft stopped support for Windows 7 in 2020.  We don't support Windows 8. 

The first version of Repeat Signage which came out in 2009, had many components based on Adobe Flash, and there components where used throughout Repeat Signage, including the components in V4.   Microsoft Windows is removing Flash at the end of 2020.  So the biggest change within Repeat Signage is a re-write of the main components using alternative components and the general update of Repeat Signage to support changing Windows and web technologies.

Repeat Signage V5 has better support for large resolution monitors.  See Repeat Signage on high resolution screens for more information.

Main changes to controls available within presentations:

FLASH BANNER This has been renamed as the BANNER control and some of the options have been changed
  BANNER 01 which was based on Flash, has been replaced with BANNER 02. 
  PAGE FLIPPER 01 has been removed.
  ROTATOR 01 has been removed.
FLASH RSS Renamed the RSS player, then RSS options available have been replaced with HTML5 versions which operate in the same way.
FLASH VIDEO This has been renamed the Video control and just keeps the existing HTML5 video control and removed the Flash option.   You now have to convert all videos to MP4 format in order to play them.
FLASH CLOCK Renamed the Clock control, there are new HTML digital and analogue clocks which have replaced the Flash versions, although the designs aren't exactly the same.

Completely removed components:

FLASH SWF You can no longer play Flash SWF files in Repeat Signage

Presentation files created in Repeat Signage 2015 and Repeat Signage V4, will automatically be converted into V5 presentation files, and alternative controls used where possible.  For example, a Banner control using the BANNER 01 option with automatically become a Banner control using the BANNER 02 option.  Same goes with RSS feeds and clocks.  

Any Flash Video controls using the VIDEO PLAYER 01 will no longer play. You need to convert your Flash FLV videos to .MP4 format using video converter software and then update your presentations.

We have added the following feature. More information.

Displaying eBay auctions in Repeat Signage

Displaying eBay auctions in Repeat Signage software

You can link Repeat Signage to your eBay account and Repeat Signage can display details of your eBay auctions on a screen.   You often see properties for sale displayed this way in estate agent / realtors windows.  Repeat Signage can do the same job with eBay auctions instead.   This is ideal for charity shops, book shops, comic shops, second hand stores, etc, who also sells their goods on eBay and want to display and advertise their online auctions in their shop windows.

The way this works is that we use the Repeat Signage eBay Connection Manager to create a new connection to your eBay account.  This requires that you log into eBay and authorise Repeat Signage to access your eBay account.  Repeat Signage does NOT store your password, but collects a token with which to access your eBay account.  Repeat Signage does not add, change or delete eBay auctions on your account.  If simply reads information on your auctions and downloads this information to a local database and also downloads the pictures for each auction to the Repeat Signage system cache

You can use the eBay Connection Manager to set up connections to one or more eBay accounts.

Links to: EbayAuctionsInRepeatSignage.htm    Control-FlashBannerAuctionDisplayer.htm