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Sample presentations are included in the installation package

We include some of our samples in the installation package, but we have limited the amount to keep the size of the setup program small so that it is quick to download and install.  On the main Repeat Signage screen, you can install these manually my clicking on the 'Maintenance' menu then clicking on 'Re-install sample presentations.  Samples include:

General01 sample presentation

Repeat Signage general presentation

This is a very simple presentation that we have used here at Repeat Software when doing demonstrations at exhibitions and trade shows.  The only moving part is Banner control in the middle right which displays 5 pictures along with text for each picture.  The very best presentation designs are usually the simple ones.

Schools01 sample presentation

Digital signage schools

An example presentation for use in schools.  It displays 'Dates for your diary' from a rich text file which can be updated via the school network.  The 'Today's lunchtime menu' section displays a different rich text file menu for each day automatically and again these menu files can be updated via the school network.  Near the bottom of the screen an RSS news feed is displayed from which is free service that allows you to create and maintain a list of news items to be displayed in your presentations.  The central picture control displays a different school image every 3 seconds.

Shops01 sample presentation

Digital signage shops

This is an example of a presentation used to advertise a local shop.  It is very simple in design and features the shop details including the address plus has a Banner control displaying several images of the clothes the shop sells.

To view more sample presentations online please see Sample digital signage presentations.