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Preview tab

You will have pasted in your widget code prior to seeing this tab.  Some HTML and widgets will not display correctly unless they are embedded into a complete HTML website page.  If you cannot see your widget displayed in the preview box, then try ticking the 'Embed in page' tick box which will surround your widget code with a complete HTML website page.  This will also allow you some other options on how the widget will be displayed.

See the Widget wizard HTML tab help page for a quick walk through of using a widget.

If you see the message 'Cannot embed as already in page' this means that the widget is already within a website page.  If the widget was embedded by Repeat Signage, then Repeat Signage will detect this and automatically enable the embedded options for you.

Embedded options

Background colour - The default background colour for a website page is white.  Your widget will have it's own colours which will sit on the white background of the page.  You can change the white to a different solid colour if required. 

Start left location and Start top location - With the 'Embed in page' tick box ticked, then we position your widget at position 0,0 (left, top) in the website page, i.e. right in the top left corner.  Depending on the design of the widget and the design of your presentation, you may want to set this to something like 10,10, i.e. so the widget starts 10 pixels down from the top and 10 pixels from the left.  Sometimes a widget displays too far down or too far to the left.  You can use minus numbers to position the widget off page, for example by setting the left to -10 and the top to -10.

Zoom percent (works whether widget is embedded or not)

Your widget HTML will normally display itself at a set size.  This may be too big or too small for your presentation design.  You can use the zoom property of the Webbrowser control to adjust the display size.  100 is the default percent zoom.  Changing to 200 will double the size of your widget and changing to 50 will half the size.  You can use any percentage for 20 to 500. When the wizard completes, then the zoom will be set for your entire Webbrowser control.