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What's new in Repeat Signage V4

Support has been added for Microsoft PowerPoint files (pptx and ppt) within all the picture based controls.  The way this works is that PowerPoint slides are automatically converted to pictures and displayed.  See Using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Repeat Signage for a walk through.

We have added two new options to our Flash banner control.   The options are:

PAGE FLIPPER 01 - This allows you to select PDF files (or Pictures, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and displays them like a book with turning  pages.

ROTATOR 01 - This allows pictures to be scrolled across the screen like they were on a conveyor belt.  There are numerous sizing and display options and you can mix portrait and landscape oriented pictures.

Our touch screen presentation system has been updated so that you can use our Flash banner control options to select pictures and text and automatically generates touch screen kiosk displays that allow users to navigate through pictures, text and PDF brochures.  The two new Flash Banner  options such as the PAGE FLIPPER 01 allow you to display a 'book' to users so that they can browser through PDF product brochures:

Flash Banner pictures can now be individually rotated or colour effects applied.

Standalone Edition now has the RTF control, all Flash Clock and Flash RSS designs.

We will be continuing to develop the touch screen system through-out 2016.

We have reduced the load time of both the player and the designer by around 25%.

There is a new Barcode and QR code control which allows the display of QR codes in your presentations and in the Repeat Pictures system.

QR code example

You can also use custom templates with databases with our Flash Banner control, and this is also available with our touch screen system.

Excel spreadsheets can now be connected to as databases, which makes it easier to set up databases  for use with Repeat Signage.

Our Picture and Flash Banner controls now collect the images of website pages automatically collected and display along side pictures, PowerPoint slides, PDF files, etc. You can specify how long a website page is stored in our cache, i.e. how often it is updated.

We have added a basic logging system so that you can see what presentations have actually been played.  This can be accessed from the main screen by clicking on the 'Utilities' menu and then selecting 'Presentation and play list playing log'.  The data can be exported to a CSV or an XML file is required.

With Repeat Signage Standard and above editions, you can now schedule both the turning off of a player computer and turning off monitors at specified times.   The system has also been updated so that it automatically disables the screen saver and power management when presentations are playing.

The Repeat Signage Manager system has been added to allow remote monitoring of Repeat Signage player computers.

Improved folder support now allows you to collect files from websites (HTTP), FTP sites and folders. now has a new File Manager to allow you to create your own folders of files online and then use them within Repeat Signage.

Upgrading to Repeat Signage V4

There is a paid upgrade from Repeat Signage 2010-2015 to Repeat Signage V4 on our Buy page

Repeat Signage 2015 changes

The big new feature of Repeat Signage 2015 is database support in our new Corporate edition and in our Media Wall edition.  

Most Repeat Signage controls (where applicable) can now collect and display information from database.  There is a new Data grid control.

The Animated gif control now supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files.

The Flash RSS control allows the display of text from databases (Corporate and Media Wall editions).  There is also a manual option so that you can scroll text/news that you type in rather than using an RSS feed.

The Flash banner control allows the display of text from databases (Corporate and Media Wall editions).  You can now remotely update the 'FADER 01' option from as well.

The Web browser (and web widgets) control allows collection of HTML from databases (Corporate and Media Wall editions).  This control has had a major update with the following features:

Zoom Zoom feature added so that you can set a zoom percentage if required.  This is on the Page tab of the properties screen.  100% is the normal size.  50% zooms to make page half the size and 200% makes the page twice as big.  You can use any value between 20% and 500%.
Part of page You can just display part of a website page.  See the displaying just part of a website page help page.
Widget wizard New 'Widget wizard' button which will help you display your widget/HTML easier by embedding it into a complete website page.  This allows the top left position to the set and the optional setting a background colour rather than the default white one.  You can preview the HTML/widget and set zoom options to increase or decrease the displayed size of the widget.
Login URL's You can now use login URLs to which allow you to login to certain sites and then display a protected page.

The Picture control, Text label control, Text block control all now support collection of information from databases.

There are now 4000+ Repeat Icons for you to use in your presentations.  These can be displayed by the Picture control and the Flash banner control.  These are available in the main Repeat Signage designer and also in the Repeat Pictures system which can be used to create adverts/pictures.

Repeat Signage V4 now uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above rather than .NET Framework 3.5SP1 using by Repeat Signage 2014 and below.

Please remember if you use any of the new features of Repeat Signage, including the Repeat Icons or the new Data grid control then your Repeat Signage V4 presentations will not display on previous versions of Repeat Signage.  So please upgrade all of your computers to Repeat Signage V4.  The upgrade is free of charge.

There is a new Spreadsheet control (released in June 2015) which allows you to display Excel .xlsx spreadsheet files and has a built-in spreadsheet system so that you can build your own spreadsheet from within a Repeat Signage presentation.  This is ideal for creating grids of information, including restaurant menus.   The Spreadsheet control is available all editions of Repeat Signage and spreadsheets are remotely updatable view our free service as well.  This is also available in the Repeat Pictures system.

Repeat Signage 2014 changes

The biggest change is the introduction of play lists in the Standard Edition.  You can now schedule presentations on either a STANDARD, CONTINUOUS, HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY or DATES basis.  On the main Repeat Signage screen, click on the 'Play lists' tab and press F1 for help to get more information. 

We have also added a Template Wizard:

and we are gradually adding more templates to this.

There are also now transitions in the PDF/Document control and Text label control, as well as the Picture control, so you can use effects such as fade in play lists of pictures, PDF's and text.

The Text label control and Text block control have text to speech support for use with messaging and patient call systems.

The Flash banner control can be remotely updated via a free account.

Close integration with our free service which allows remote files, presentations and play lists to up updated.  You can now link your free account to Repeat Signage and then select files and presentations hosted on this service from a list.

FTP support has been added to all controls.  You can even play Repeat Signage presentations and play lists directly from FTP sites.

Unicode character support has been added to allow Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek and other character sets to be displayed in all controls.  See Unicode support in Repeat digital signage software for more details.

You can now display Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer documents in Repeat Signage with the Picture control, PDF/Document control and Flash banner control.

Cropping, both manual and automatic, can be made to pictures and documents such as PDF files.

There are a large number of minor changes throughout the system.

Support for Microsoft XPS files added.  An XPS file is the Microsoft equivalent of a PDF file.  Windows Vista, 7 and 8 have a built in printer which is installed on all computers called 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer'.  You can use this to print your documents directly to a .xps file and then use either the Picture control, PDF/Document control or Flash banner control to display these.  

New Controller control which allows other control's play lists to be synchronised.

You can now design and edit pictures for use by the Picture control and Flash banner control, and as background images for presentations.  Repeat Pictures are a picture format that allows you to use pictures, PDF files, documents (MS Word and OpenOffice Writer), text files, RTF files, shapes, as well as manually entered text to create images.  You design still images and then save the file which has a .rpic extension.  See Repeat Pictures for more information.

The Flash RSS control now allows you to filter RSS feeds, so that out of date information is automatically removed and you can now also add the date/time to new item titles.