Repeat Signage V5 help remote updating walk through - Step 1

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Step 1 - Linking your Repeat Signage to (new or existing account)

1.  If you have not already done so, please install the latest version of Repeat Signage from:

2.  Open Repeat Signage and click on the 'Repeat Server' tab:

Repeat Signage Repeat Server tab

If you have an account

3.  If you already have a free account, then please enter your email address and password and click on the test button.  This will check the details are correct and then automatically save your account details.  A list of files in your account will then be displayed:

Repeat Server tab

OR if you don't have an account

4.  If you don't have a account, click on the 'Sign up for a new account' option and enter details for your organisation:

New account wizard

IMPORTANT NOTE - The account name you choose here cannot be changed later, so please make sure you choose one carefully and make sure you have no spelling mistakes.

5.  Click on the 'Next' button and enter your details.  You will become the administrator for this account.  Other users can be added later if you require them:

Second wizard page

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE - If you want to be able to log onto your account using a web browser, you will need to enter a valid email address.  A confirmation email will automatically be sent to you.

6.  Click the 'Next' button.  You need to agree to the terms and conditions.  The account is completely free, but you need to agree to not host illegal or pornographic content on

Wizard page 3

7.  Put a tick in the 'I agree to the account Terms' check box and then click on the 'Create account' button.  As long as you have an active Internet connection, you should get the:

Repeat Server Wizard Successs screen

Any issues are normally to do with an account name or email address already being in use.  You can email if you have any problems.

You should now see your account contents:

Repeat Server tab

For a new account, the only entry in the list is a news.xml file with is a default RSS news feed that has already been created for you.  You will also notice the usage is 0 of 100Mb.  You get 100Mb of free space.  However, if you have purchased Repeat Signage, then email if you need any more. 

There is also the option of hosting files on your own website and then linking them to so that they appear in all the lists.  This can be useful with very large files.  For example, if you had a video which was 200Mb in size, then you could just use FTP to send it to your website, and then link your video to your files list.  (More on the late, but you would click on 'Files' then 'Documents and files list' and use the 'Add external links' button).

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