Repeat Signage V5 help remote updating walk through - Step 4

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Step 4 - Uploading your presentation to your account

We created our presentation in the last step.  This presentation is on your hard drive, so our imaginary computer in your shop in London cannot access this.  So we need to upload it to so that our London shop computer can download and display it.

We already uploaded a picture file in step 2 of this walk through, so we are just going to give the basic instructions this time:

1.  On the main Repeat Signage screen, select the 'Repeat Server' tab page.

2.  Click on 'Upload' then 'Upload files':

Repeat Server screen upload files

3.  This will display the upload website page from (automatically logging you in):

Automatic login to Repeat Server

4.  Click on the 'Browse' button and find and select your ShopAdvert.rsp presentation from your hard disk and then click on 'OK'. 

5.  This will show you the upload progress.  When finished, return back to Repeat Signage but clicking on the 'Close' button in the top right corner of the page:

Close button

and your presentation will then appear in your files list:

Presentation appears in files list

Your presentation is now centrally hosted at along with all the content files needed, in this case just a single picture called WeeklySalesAdvert.png.

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