Digital signage enhances residential care

Our loved ones deserve the best care in care homes and nursing homes

Visual communication is the key and digital signage on display screens around the care home has many benefits for both residents and staff. Digital signage can display pictures of meal-time options to assist with menu choices, images of residents activities, happy birthday messages, play a video of gentle armchair exercises for less mobile loved ones and display important messages for staff in the nurses station or staff room.

Repeat Signage software is easy to use and you can quickly update content from the local network or schedule presentations to play at various times of the day or week.

Digital signage for care home communication

Welcome visitors and showcase your care home facilities and activities on reception area display screens

Showcase your care home

Showcase your care services and welcome visitors to your care home with a digital signage display screen in your reception area.  You can display 'today's activities' and birthday greetings, whilst an RSS news feed keeps everyone updated on your care home news.

A playlist of photos of residents participating in activities, birthday celebrations or memorabilia can be displayed for residents, or a video of gentle exercises.

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Tastebud tempting picture menus help residents make choices

Playlists of menu pictures, designed to tempt tastebuds, can be scheduled in Repeat Signage software to automatically display at various times of the day or week, making it easier for residents to choose meals, rather than from a list of menu items.

You can schedule your playlist of menus to automatically display images and or text menus at various times of the day or week. 

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Displaying care home activities on display screens

Open a txt. file on your computer, change the message, save, screen updates automatically

Update your content quickly and easily

Add your text messages on your computer, which then display on screens to ensure good communication within the care home.  An easy to use RSS creator allows you to quickly create news feeds or use scrolling text for messages or to greet visitors with a welcome message.

You can advertise complementary local services, for example, hairdressers, on your display screens using Repeat Signage's advert templates, and generate income.

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More efficient care staff hand-overs

Staff handovers are important. However, staff ending a long, busy shift may be tired and just want to get home, and therefore important information could be missed, that needs communicating to the next shift. Effective communication makes for happy staff and shorter hand-over times.

Messages can quickly and easily be added into a .txt file on your computer, which  automatic updates the information on your display screens, so all staff are aware of important issues.

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Repeat Signage lets you easily change notes, ideal for staff handovers in nursing stations.

Large display screens playing Repeat Signage presentations can be situated in the reception area to advertise the care home's services and specialities, giving relatives of potential new residents a flavour of the home. Repeat Signage software presentations can be updated from one central location, remotely over the Internet, ideal where there are several homes in the group.
Repeat Signage Media Wall software for hospital donor walls

Creating a 'donor wall of thanks' with Repeat Signage software

Digital signage is a great way to advocate fundraising and thank supporters and visitors. In the reception area of a care home, nursing home, day care centre or hospice, a digital signage display screen can provide a focus point to appeal for donations, promote your fundraising events and give thanks to those who supported.

A large US hospital wanted an eye-catching video wall that could display documents of hospital donations with images of its sponsors, donors and equipment purchased. Powered by Repeat Signage software, they displayed their signage presentation across multiple screens.

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