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Easy to use Standalone digital signage software

Repeat Signage Standalone edition is ideal for primary schools, individual shops, exhibition stands and non-networked military use

User-friendly, excellent support, trusted by clients in 31 countries in a variety of applications

Standalone software for non-networked applications

Repeat Signage Standalone software

Standalone software for manual updating of content, ideal non-networked areas

Repeat Signage Standalone editionRepeat Signage Standalone

Digital signage software doesn't need to be complicated nor expensive, to get your message across to customers on your display screen.

Repeat Signage Standalone edition is used in reception areas, primary and independent schools, individual shops, in exhibition booths and for use in military applications. Touch screen support is also included, making it ideal for setting up small kiosk systems. Non-networked, you update your content manually.

After downloading the software onto your Windows PC, you can create your presentation of pictures, logo, text, scrolling text, RSS feeds, documents, etc., on a blank screen or use one of our simple templates. Plus 1,700 icons to enhance your presentations.

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Standalone Edition software

You can design a presentation and then just play it on screen, or when Windows starts. Changing presentation content is done manually. The only control that allows remote updating is the Flash RSS feed control.

Where digital signage computers aren't allowed to be networked, this edition is ideal for a quickly updatable standalone system, with minimal training.

The Standalone edition is ideal on small exhibition stands for small shops, with the benefit of being able to promote your products and services on screen, especially useful when staff are attending to other customers.

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Outstanding support

Why Repeat Signage?

The Repeat Software team will give you an outstanding level of support with free online training videos, sample presentations, 1,700+ icons to enhance your presentations and email technical support. We have satisfied customers in 31 countries.

The Standalone edition has a few less features than the other Repeat Signage editions, however, is ideal as entry-level digital signage software with an option to upgrade to a networkable version at a later date if needed.  See the comparison list for what features are included.

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How much does it cost

Repeat Signage Standalone licence fee is a one-off payment per PC playing presentations onto one display screen. Manual updating of content. Option to upgrade to networked and Internet based edition. No on-going costs.

Price in US dollars $185
Price in British pounds £145+VAT
Price in Euros €175+VAT
Price in Australian dollars $235
Price in Canadian dollars $240
Price in New Zealand dollars $250

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Repeat Signage Standalone edition is used in primary and independent schools, individual shops, at exhibitions and non-networked military use. We also have this is use on some RAF (UK Royal Air Force) bases in the UK for displaying information. Because of internal security policies, the digital signage computers were not allowed to be networked, so a quickly updatable standalone system, with minimal training, was required. Several of our major competitors are Internet based digital signage systems, so simply cannot be used in this type of situation.

Don't just take our word for it

Excellent is the only word that should be used to describe the software, customer service, support and attention to detail that Repeat Software provide. It's a pleasure to deal with such professionals. The Repeat Signage digital signage software has provided us with an almost bespoke solution that companies, wanting to charge us thousands, still harass us with."
Repeat Signage Standalone software

Repeat Signage Standalone digital signage creating a vibrant and welcoming reception area display.

Repeat Signage - a joy to us

"I arrived in 2015 and was eager to relaunch the school with new, fresh branding. This included re-inventing an unloved area into a vibrant and welcoming reception area. Initially, we considered the ubiquitous PowerPoint but soon ran into the tedium of predictable transitions and graphics. By luck, good fortune sent Repeat Signage in my school's direction. Repeat Signage was immediately a joy to use, enabling my staff and me to simply to create stunning 'blue sky thinking' and tech savvy presentations that really do make an impact.

We have now extended its use to our Children's Centre and playground displays. We couldn't be happier with the impact of Repeat Signage software." Headteacher, Howard Park School, West Yorkshire. View full case study

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