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Repeat Signage designer screen and controls

January 2022

7-minute video shows you how to use the Repeat Signage designer screen to insert controls, e.g. picture control, to create flexible, dynamic, digital signage presentations for display screens.

Video - Repeat Signage designer screen

How to split multi-page PDF documents into single PDF pages

December 2021

Repeat Signage software has a number of free tools including the Batch PDF splitter. This shows you how to add your PDF to a folder and create an empty output folder. Then click run and in seconds, individual PDF pages appear in your output folder, leaving the original PDF as it was.

Video - Batch PDF splitter

Input spreadsheets to your digital signage, data and graphics

November 2021

The spreadsheet control within Repeat Signage software allows you to display existing Microsoft Excel .xlsx files and allows you to use the built in editor to create spreadsheets within your presentations. You can also create and display spreadsheet graphs from your information. This gives you an easy way to display formatted information in grids and you also have the ability to insert pictures as well.

Video - How to display spreadsheets

Display single line of database or txt file text

September 2021

7-minute video shows how you can a single line of text from either a .txt file or a database, for example, displaying name of duty manager.

The ability to display database information is available in the Corporate and Media Wall editions of Repeat Signage digital signage software. Ideal for displaying company information on any screen anywhere.

Display database single text lines video

Display database images and text

September 2021

7-minute video shows how you can easily display images and text from a database using the SQL wizard to filter the information you need.

The ability to display database information is available in the Corporate and Media Wall editions of Repeat Signage digital signage software. Ideal for displaying company information on any screen anywhere.

Display database images and text video

Display data with the Repeat Signage datagrid

September 2021

7-minute video shows you how to filter and display data in a datagrid as part of your digital signage software presentations for display on any screen, anywhere.

This feature is available in Repeat Signage Corporate or Media Wall editions and is ideal for corporate offices to help keep staff updated on relevant information.

Display database info in a datagrid video

Repeat Signage launches Version 5 (V5)

July 2021

Repeat Signage software celebrates 12 years with the launch of Version 5 and a new licencing model

Repeat Signage V5 (Version 5), which supports Windows 10 and 11, has new and improved features including the ability to link with a user’s eBay account to display eBay auctions on screen

Repeat Signage V5

Digital signage tutorial video

July 2021

We have created an 8-minute video tutorial to show you how easy it is to create a simple digital signage presentation to play on display screens. This video tutorial features StarBoard interactive displays and StarBoard products.

Simple digital signage displays video 

Reseller Partner Program

May 2021

Join our reseller partner program and grow your digital signage business. Purchase software licences as and when you need them and we give you all the presales and technical support you need. Simple to use digital signage computer software allows content to be displayed on screens anywhere in the world.

Reseller Partner Program

Repeat Signage Standard v Standalone

April 2021

Two minute video looks at the differences between Repeat Signage Standard edition and the Standalone edition. The former has full features and is ideal for displaying engaging content on any display screen anywhere in the world, whilst the latter is ideal for any application where the Internet is not possible, for example, military, army manoevers, evacuation, outdoor events, etc.

Standard v Standalone

Digital signage presentation ideas

March 2021

Our latest brochure gives examples of using digital signage across multiple applications, in hospitals, schools, hotels, retail and corporate offices, to name a few. Digital signage is ideal for brand awareness, way-finding, providing news and information, engaging with your audience or for internal communication in corporate offices.

Digital signage ideas

Digital signage content ideas - video clips

March 2021

We have created short 20 second videos of digital signage presentations for multiple market sectors to give you ideas for engaging with your audience on display screens.

View video page

Digital signage keeps travellers updated

February 2021

Harrisburg International Airport recently sent us another image of how they are still using Repeat Signage digital signage software six years later. They display a live shuttle bus map feed which sits inside Repeat Signage software, onto which they display their HIA logo, header, footer, time and date and RSS feed messages for travellers at the shuttle bus stops.

Airport signage

What is digital signage?

February 2021

Digital signage is displaying digital content (logo, pictures, text, newsfeeds, etc.) on small and large display screens, video walls and interactive kiosks. Read our online guide to displaying information in public areas...

A guide to digital signage

Creating a simple digital signage presentation

February 2021

As many restaurants, shops and travel agents in the high street adapt to covid lockdowns, digital signage can help promote your takeaway service, products and local holiday locations on display screens or project onto store windows.

To help you get started with Repeat Signage software, we have created a walk-through of screenshots  with a video to show you how to create a simple dynamic digital signage presentation.

Getting started

Digital signage sample presentation ideas

January 2021

Our sample presentation pages give you design ideas for your digital signage presentations, plus brief recorded videos (MP4) to give you visual ideas.

Design ideas and videos span multiple applications including education, corporate, hospitals and surgeries, care homes, hotels, restaurants, retail and charity shops. Or just view the videos.

Design ideas and demos

StarBoard and Repeat Signage

January 2021

Building a digital signage presentation has never been so easy. With the use of StarBoard Interactive Displays together with Repeat Signage Software you are able to transform your interactive displays into a full digital signage solution. Click the image to see how it works. Download Repeat Signage and try it yourself.

View the StarBoard video

A digital signage solution for StarBoard

December 2020

StarBoard Solution EU, has collaborated with Repeat Software, a UK software developer of Repeat Signage software, to provide a digital signage solution for StarBoard users.

This exciting partnership will enable StarBoard to supply a complete hardware and software solution through its distribution channel.

EU-UK Partnership

Flexible software key to good communication

Minerallac Company is utilising Repeat Signage Corporate software's flexibility to keep its widely dispersed staff updated on company business. They run SQL queries from their ERP database; departmental staff can add information and documents into a shared network folder for display on screen and HR keep workers safe with pandemic health and safety measures, on TV screens in workers' rest areas and upload presentations to their intranet for working from home staff.

Minerallac case study

Digital signage solutions for multiple market sectors

Repeat Software has added additional pages to its brochure to cover sample digital signage presentations and ideas of how you can use digital signage software in various vertical markets. Digital signage forreception areas, schools and colleges, healthcare hospitals, surgeries and care homes, digital menu boards, hotels and spas, airports, shopping malls and retail stores, brand awareness in individual shops, leisure industry and tourism, sport, fitness and recreation, exhibitions and showrooms, boardrooms and conference facilities and corporations.

Repeat Signage brochure
"We feel that this has helped our staff feel more connected to our company overall. These TVs are setup in the employee breakrooms, allowing staff to see all of the key information without causing any distractions during their workday."
Repeat Signage software at Minerallac

Their staff feel more connected to the company Minerallac success story

Repeat Signage is easy to use and you can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes.

1. Simply Download onto a Windows PC, insert your digital media - logo, pictures, text, newsfeed or scrolling text and much more.

2. Connect your digital signage presentation to your display screen to keep you updated on your latest news.

3. Schedule presentations to display at various times of the day or week. Update content locally or remotely over the Internet.

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