Repeat Signage Corporate edition

Digital Signage that software that runs SQL queries and display database information

Repeat Signage software at Multinet, Sweden

Repeat Signage Corporate software at MultiNet, Sweden.   Main picture above courtesy of Sharp NEC Displays.

Corporate communication

Repeat Signage Corporate edition is Internet and network updatable digital signage software with a powerful Windows platform, ideal for corporate communication.

You can display a wide variety of digital media including spreadsheets for financial data, sales graphs, restaurant menus and other information.

It also has a very flexible custom template system that allows you to run SQL queries and collects and displays information (text and images) from a database, so these can be displayed on screen.

Broadcast your corporate message to any display screen or video wall, anywhere in the world.

Help staff feel connected to your company

Content Creation

Repeat Signage Corporate has the ability to run SQL queries from a corporate database to display up to date company metrics, or use as a daily KPI dashboard to display the pending status of orders in e-commerce, wholesale and retail distribution. 

Software comparison chart

Repeat Corporate digital signage software displays KPI dashboard

Schedule Presentations

The Scheduler controls when presentations of pictures, text, documents etc., are played (hourly, daily weekly or dates). You can update your content from your local network or remotely over the Internet, ideal for corporate offices in multiple regions.

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Outstanding Support

Repeat Signage 2-year licence fee includes updates and email support during that period. Option to renew every two years. A licence is needed for each Windows computer playing presentations onto 1 display screen. Free training videos, help menu system and email support.

Multi-currency pricing

Repeat Signage Corporate digital signage software

 See Corporate overview video (3:57 min/secs)

Don't just take our word for it

Repeat Signage is in daily use in a diverse range of corporate companies and businesses. It is used in factory production environments, manufacturing plants, power stations, electronics companies, publishers, airports and transportation, universities and hospitals around the world. We have satisfied customers in 31 countries across the world. You are welcome to download a brochure (PDF).

"One of the features that helped us decide to go with Repeat Signage was the ability to run SQL queries against our ERP database. It is a great way to display up to date company metrics without any user intervention. Before Repeat Signage, we would only share this information at our quarterly meetings, but now employees can get a better understanding in real time as to how the company has been performing against our goals."
Repeat Signage Corporate software

MODAEXPRESS, USA, display their live pending order status on display screens for their employees, management and client visitors.  See case study.

"We are a 3PL logistics company specializing in E-Commerce, wholesale, retail distribution on behalf of our clients.

We are using Repeat Signage Corporate software to display the KPI dashboard to show the pending status of all orders and in what stage they are in so our employees and top management are always on top of what is going on and can easily react to any delays or other related issues.

When our clients visit they are also pleased to see the live data and even estimate the speed of the work process." Igor Pestrikov, MODAEXPRESS USA, Secaucus, New Jersey.