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Sample presentation comprising image playlist and menu spreadsheet

With a powerful Windows platform, you download the software onto your Windows computer (media player, Slot-in PC or Windows USB stick) to quickly design screens that are easy to schedule and update. 

Flexible software, you can display a wide variety of digital media including images, text, date and time, RSS feeds, webcam, web browser, documents, spreadsheets, database content and more...

  • Create Content
  • Connect and Play
  • Schedule Presentations
  • Manage Content
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Comparison chart of all the features in Repeat Signage Standalone, Standard, Corporate and Media Wall editions.

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Repeat Signage software is in daily use across multiple market sectors including education, healthcare, retail, restaurants, leisure and tourism, transportation, energy and utility, finance, manufacturing and for corporate communication. We have satisfied customers in 31 countries across the world. You are welcome to download a brochure (PDF)

"Using Repeat Signage in a food and drink environment has given me flexibility in my operations and allows me to change my menus and promotions almost instantly without undue costs. Repeat Signage has been a real help in saving me time and money while helping to attract more customers to my store. Thanks Repeat Software!"

Digital signage content design

Repeat Signage software makes it easy for you to create your own digital signage content designs. You simply insert your digital media, then resize and move it around the screen (drag and drop) to create your presentations.

Digital signage for portrait and landscape display screens

Digital signage solutions