Display your eBay auctions on charity shop display screens

Advertise your eBay auctions

You can link Repeat Signage software to your eBay account and Repeat Signage can display your eBay auctions on screen.

This is ideal for charity shops, bookshops, comic shops, second hand stores, etc., who also sell their goods on ebay and want to display and advertise their online auctions in their shop or shop window 24/7.

Shoppers browsing when your charity shop is closed can view your shop window display screen and see details of your eBay auction, encouraging more bids.

Repeat Signage for displaying eBay auctions on display screens

Display your eBay auctions in charity shop windows with Repeat Signage software.

Repeat Signage screenshot of auction template

Easy way to display your eBay auctions with a Repeat Signage auctions template (screenshot from the software).

Easy way to display eBay auctions

To make it easy for you to display your eBay auctions, Repeat Signage software includes auction templates.

Once you have connected to your eBay account (and Repeat Signage doesn't save your details as you login directly to eBay), you can view all the auctions on your account with a preview picture next to each.

You can customise the auction template, for example, choosing which text to display, currency, etc. 

You can also replace our logo, QR code and text along the top of the template with your own. If you don't use a QR code, you could replace it with an image or use an icon (choose from over 1,000 icons in Repeat Signage).

Repeat Signage Standalone software

Charity shops and second hand shops

Charity shops can help promote their goods with a play list of images on a display screen, ideally in the shop window or on the wall behind the counter.

Repeat Signage is easy to use and you can ask for specific items to be donated, such as pictures and artwork, appeal for volunteers and even advertise your website or eBay store.

Recorded demo MP4 (00:20 secs)

Repeat Signage software for charity shops

Display your charity shop items for sale on your display screen with Repeat Signage.

Easy to use template wizard

Using the template wizard within Repeat Signage allows you to replace our images and text with your own, rather than starting from a blank template.

For charity shops or second hand bookshops who sell items by eBay auction, Repeat Signage include an auction template, which links into your eBay account to display your auction items. This lets shoppers know about additional items for sale and when the auction ends, to encourage them to bid for items.

Recorded demo MP4 (00:20 secs)

Repeat Signage software for bookshops

Display your books and magazines for sale on your display screen with Repeat Signage.

The Standard edition of Repeat Signage software has full features and scheduling for network drive and Internet remote updating of content. Presentations can be updated remotely, ideal for charity shop headquarters, who wish to display information to their shops across the country.

For independent charity shops, second hand stores etc., Repeat Signage Standalone is non-networked software, and doesn't need the Internet to play on a display screen.

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