Construction Digital Signage

Repeat Signage chosen for its flexibility to display various formats

Repeat Signage at AZRB, Kuala Lumpur

Repeat Signage offers flexible digital signage at AZRB, Kuala Lumpur

Over the past 30 years of its establishment in the industry, AZRB has seen much growth, progress, achievements and challenges. The Group continuously changed and improved to better meet new challenges and take on better opportunities.

For one of their construction projects, up to date information is vital. Hence, AZRB was sourcing for a digital signage software that can support various document format and to show media information as well.

Repeat Signage was chosen because of its flexibility and ability to show various format, (images, video, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs) that is taking place, with announcements and an attendance list that can be pumped up locally or centrally via HQ.

AZRB required an OFF or Sleep Switch to enable the Repeat Signage presentation to shut down at a predetermined time. Repeat Software's development team set to work and included this feature within a matter of days.
Greenscapes Digital

Greenscapes are a Repeat Signage reseller partner in Malaysia
Main picture above: Greenscapes installation of a video wall.

AZRB Group of Companies are involved in many activities which include dealing in marine fuels, lubricants and petroleum based products, investment holding and provision of management services. Besides construction works, the Group has expanded its business in other activities, namely oil and gas, property development and plantations.

Greenscapes Digital

Greenscapes Biz, based in Kuala Lumpur, are authorized reseller partners for Repeat Signage digital signage software.

Greenscapes is a digital signage system company that build, supply and design Interactive and non-Interactive signage system projects. They have more than 10 years experience in large format displays and digital media and undertake various turnkey projects.  

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