Digital Signage for Exhibition Stands

Unicol showcases products at ISE exhibition with Repeat Signage

Repeat Signage on 16 screen video wall at ISE

Repeat Signage software promoting Unicol mounting solutions on a 16-screen video wall

Unicol showcased their new products at ISE 2015 in Amsterdam, including their 16-screen set-up and tear-down video wall mounting system with a Huddle collaborative table in front of the display, and also a freestanding Rhobus 2x2 video wall mounting solution

The Unicol Rhobus 2x2 freestanding video wall mount has supporting arms for four display screens and lockable space at the rear for cable management with room for a small signage player.

Digital signage presentations showcasing Unicol's new mounting solutions were created on Repeat Signage Media Wall edition software, which allows the same or different presentations to be display on a 4-screen video wall, playing from a mini Windows computer player.

Repeat Signage Media Wall software allows presentations to be played on a 4-screen video wall from 1 Windows player computer. The same 4-screen presentations were played onto a 16-screen video wall from a Green Hippo Par4Keet video player, all from 1 Repeat Signage Media Wall software licence.
Repeat Signage advertising Unicol mounts

Promoting Unicol mounts with a playlist of Repeat Signage's advert templates

This digital signage presentation was created using Repeat Signage's advert template. Images were inserted, text added and saved as a Repeat Picture.  A playlist of six advert templates were played in a loop. is a free service that allows you to create and host RSS feeds online, and update your content remotely from anywhere in the world, free of charge.

The software supports Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek and other country characters.