Cantraybridge College Digital Signage

Repeat Signage involves students in learning new digital signage skills

Repeat Signage at Cantraybridge College

Repeat Signage creates an electronic notice board to update staff and students

"Cantraybridge is a small college for adults with learning difficulties and we were looking for an electronic noticeboard that could be used in several locations to update staff and students of the coming week’s events and if possible to allow the students an input into updating the display.

Thanks to funding from the Karten Network we were able to purchase two large display screens and Repeat Signage software."

"We already have our own news feed on the which the office finds easy to update and we also incorporate the Chief Executive’s twitter feed." Frank Ritchie, Cantraybridge College.
Cantraybridge College recommends Repeat Signage

Students are able to update presentations, pictures and RSS feeds with Repeat Signage.

"One of the things that I particularly like about the software is its compartmentalisation. For instance the office updates an RTF document which updates our weekly events list and it doesn't matter to the overall display if there are mistakes made in this area.

Similarly the student association are going to have a news feed hosted on Repeat Signage’s RepeatServer which they will be allowed to update and again it is not going to cause any problems to the rest of the display if mistakes are made. The students are already able to update the photo slideshow easily".

"Another feature we have found very useful is that we can have different displays based on the same information. Apart from the two main displays we also have a smaller display running on an old Windows XP machine which only displays the RTF document with the weekly diary and the news feed and this is perfect for where this display is situated.

Once it is up and running it is so easy to maintain and that makes my life so much easier. At the moment we are only using a small amount of the software’s capabilities but already the display is very popular with students and staff as well as being very useful."
Frank Ritchie, Cantraybridge College.

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