Repeat Signage Distributors

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Windows-based digital signage software

If you are an IT or audio visual reseller or system integrator, you will be able to buy Repeat Signage licences through one of these distributors:


Edis Audio Visual
Manufacturer of digital signage media players and Ultra Mini USB PC


StarBoard Solution EU
Manufacturer of Interactive Displays


AVA Systems Ltd
Audio visual solutions

United Kingdom

QBS Software Ltd
Software distributors

Digital Signage Solution

StarBoard Solution EU, has collaborated with Repeat Software to provide a digital signage solution for StarBoard Interactive Display users.  A complete hardware and software solution is available through Starboard distribution channel. Contact StarBoard


Reseller Testimonial

"The choice of being able to update your presentations from a local network (shared drive), from your website or remotely over the Internet at without any ongoing costs, coupled with easy to use controls and competitive pricing, makes Repeat Signage 'one hell of a package'." Odilon Hunt, AVA Systems, Sligo.