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Organisation Comments
Minerallac Electrical Construction, US "We feel that this has helped our staff feel more connected to our company overall. These TVs are setup in the employee breakrooms, allowing staff to see all of the key information without causing any distractions during their workday. One of the features that helped us decide to go with Repeat Signage was the ability to run SQL queries against our ERP database. It is a great way to display up to date company metrics without any user intervention."
Indiana State USBC, Indiana, US "Thanks to our technology team our digital signage is up and running the 2019 Open Championship. Standings and Brackets are kept current and scrolling on TV's throughout the center. IS USBC's Digital Signage is provided by Repeat Software Ltd Great software from a excellent company with world class support! — celebrating success at Mike Aulby's Arrowhead Bowl."
Harrisburg International Airport, Pennsylvania, US "Support has been excellent and I have never been disappointed. Quick response times along with personal service, rates this company very high in my personal satisfaction. I have and will continue to recommend this company to others."
Steelville Manufacturing, United States IT Department "I am very pleased with our Repeat Signage purchase. For the price, features and for not needing any additional hardware like most digital signage companies need, it's performed way beyond our expectations." and "You guys have a very excellent support staff".
DONG Energy, Norway
Comment from the IT Department
"We were searching for a software enabling us to make presentation on an info board of Producing Assets department. After some trials we concluded that Repeat Signage satisfied all our requirements, i.e. daily and weekly scheduled presentations of KPI's, production figures, operational animations, general information from the department, intranet etc. I am impressed about the system which has been very reliable and is flexible and easy to operate. I would certainly recommend Repeat Signage to anybody that is in need of such a tool."
South Lanarkshire Council, UK, Comment from the IT Department "I have been using the signage software and although at the moment I am not doing anything too elaborate I have found the package fairly straight forward and easy to use. I do intend to keep using the software and develop more involved presentations especially as I hope to get a more modern PC, I certainly feel that as you view the final presentation on a TV/monitor that you wonder did I put all that together, I am suitably impressed"
Active Electronics PLC, UK  "After a few small issues which were quickly resolved by your support department, we now have a very complex presentation, running smoothly in our reception area which many people have commented on. We are very happy with your product."
St. George's Veterinary Group, UK. Comment from the Managing Director “I generally think Repeat Signage is great. Wish I hadn’t committed to a £13,000 spend over 3 years for our dig signage set up in 3 of my locations. Trying to get any changes to what is shown is a nightmare!”
Westholme School, UK, Comment from the IT Manager "Repeat Signage enabled us to design screens that were flexible and easy to update. After initial design work by myself I've managed to pass all updates on to our receptionists. Staff that want messages displaying on the screens simply hand their requests into reception and the receptionists handle all the updates. Due to Repeat Signage's easy user interface staff required very little training and found that their current Microsoft Office skills were transferable to Repeat Signage."
Greenscapes Biz Solutions, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia “Am very happy with Repeat Digital Signage. So far the software has been very flexible.”
One of the largest UK utility companies, Digital Development Manager "Just to let you know that everything is working and to say a big 'thank you' for all of your sterling efforts yesterday. This was excellent customer service and very much appreciated - other companies could learn from your friendly and efficient approach!
Our Lady’s Convent School, UK
"We think Repeat Signage is marvellous. We’ve been delighted with the support offered and when we’ve encountered a glitch or problem the team have bent over backwards to help."
Hunters Estate Agents, UK, Kevin Hollinrake, MD “We are forever looking for the next best thing to attract customers to our branches, this versatile software does just that. I am happy to endorse its introduction to our network”
AVA Systems, Sligo, Ireland "The choice of being able to update your presentations from a local network (shared drive), from your website or remotely over the Internet at without any ongoing costs, coupled with easy to use controls and competitive pricing, makes Repeat Signage 'one hell of a package'."