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What is digital signage?

Digital signage is displaying digital content (logo, pictures, text, newsfeeds, etc.) on small and large display screens, video walls and interactive kiosks. Read our online guide to displaying information in public areas...

A guide to digital signage

Digital signage solutions for schools

2020 has been a challenging year for schools and many schools are turning to digital signage to keep students, staff and visitors updated on the latest school news and guidelines.

Students can be reminded on the importance of hand hygiene, social distancing and you can also display welcome back to school messages...

Digital signage for schools

"The school was looking for an easy and engaging way to deliver information to students and get them more interested in current affairs and digital signage was the perfect solution. Repeat Signage’s easy user interface staff required very little training and found that their current Microsoft Office skills were transferable to Repeat Signage.
Repeat Digital signage software solutions

Repeat Signage digital signage software keeps residents updated at Watergate Apartments

Repeat Signage is easy to use and you can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes.

1. Simply Download onto a Windows PC, insert your digital media - logo, pictures, text, newsfeed or scrolling text and much more.

2. Connect your digital signage presentation to your display screen to keep yourupdated on your lastest news.

3. Schedule presentations to display at various times of the day or week. Update content locally or remotely over the Internet.

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